Breakouts Don't Always Mean Acne


You may have never heard this before.

But, unlike popular opinions, breakouts are not always the bad guy that get your skin in trouble.

Breakouts often seem like acne but aren't.

If you’ve ever tried a new skin care product only to see your skin flare up with acne & rashes, this is the truth you need to know today.

Not all breakouts are meant to harm your skin.

Several times without your notice, breakouts signal the beginning of an adjustment period before the skin clears out.

Confused? Let me explain.

Breakouts Can Be Of Two Types: The Bad & The Not So Bad


Acne causes redness, itchiness & swelling.

The bad ones are generally a side effect or a sensitive reaction to a new skin care product.They cause an itchy feeling followed by a burning sensation or excessive redness.

On the other hand, the ‘Not So Bad’ ones (they actually exist!) are part of a process called purging.

Purging causes pimples, clogged pores & whiteheads to surface

Purging occurs when your skin adjusts to a new skin care product, particularly, the ones that treat acne or pigmentation.

When your skin purges, breakouts rise on your skin as small bumps.

And after they subside, in comes the clear, glowing skin you never thought you’d have.

Too good to be true? Here’s the science.

How Purging Works...


The top layer of your skin sheds dead cells every week. This is your skin’s natural turnover process.

The process is slow & invisible to the naked eye & usually, you won’t even notice a difference...

Until the process is sped up.

The acne you see during purging are the sub surface bumps that have developed on their own, but lay concealed in the deeper layers of your skin.

These sub surface bumps present under the skin surface faster than expected due to the sudden increase in the turnover process.

But there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Purging acne is not the enemy. It’s harmless.

In fact, it’s like a hard life lesson, it only makes sense in hindsight.

Your skin sheds 30,000 to 40,00 cells per minute
Your skin experiences a change during application of exfoliant
The skin renewal process is sped up post application

But What Causes Your Skin To Purge?


Purging is safe, unlike breakouts that cause discomfort.


Skin care products that contain skin-safe exfoliating acids are more likely to increase the skin cell turnover and cause purging.

This is because the actives cause the small pores in your skin to rise to the surface and trigger breakouts.

Some of the ingredients that increase skin cell turnover include alpha hydroxy acid (AHA), beta hydroxy acid (BHA) and retinoids.

If the products you are using right now contain any of these ingredients, your skin could be purging

It probably means that your new skin care routine is taking a while to adjust.

Once the adjustment period is over, your skin will start to look clear, fresh & hydrated with no acne & no blemishes.

So How Long Does Purging Last?


Your skin begins to feel soft, smooth & clear post purging

Since pimple is a part of purging, it’s duration will be much shorter than pimples that are caused due to side effects.

Although the time period is different for almost everyone, your skin should not purge for more than 4 weeks.

However, if you see no changes within the given time frame, it could signal a much bigger skin problem.

So make sure to give your skin some time before coming to a conclusion.

Overall, we conclude that purging a is safe, healthy & great way to achieve clear skin.

It works as an efficient method when it comes to treating acne & pigmentation & promises long term results.

So the next time you see small breakouts on your skin, don’t worry!

Be patient.

Clear skin is just around the corner.

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