The Science Behind Healthy Hair


What is Healthy Hair?

Healthy hair is identified to experience minimal breakage. It is shiny, well hydrated and doesn’t feel dry or brittle. Each healthy strand has a smooth texture with the ability to withstand humidity without turning frizzy.

However, Sun's UV rays, chemical dyes, styling tools, etc are constantly damaging your hair.

These damaging factors cause your hair to look dry, frizzy, dull, weak and unmanageable everyday.

Why Is Healthy Hair Hard To Maintain?

Your hair, just like your skin, is unique. It requires a hair care regimen formulated to suit its unique needs. With time and wear, your hair may experience significant changes in texture, color or tone. These may be due to:

  • Your Hormones
  • Chemicals & Hair Dyes
  • Your Age
  • Your Daily Lifestyle etc.

As these factors change, so does your hair and its increased necessity for regular maintenance and care.


SkinKraft: Customized Hair Care

SkinKraft's Daily Hair Care Regimen is the result of years of scientific study, testing and clinical expertise. What's more:

  • The HairID™ Questionnaire Makes It Easy For You To Understand Your Hair Needs
  • Regular Hair Follow Ups Make Sure Your Regimen Is Always Accurate
  • Your Holistic Daily Hair Care Evolves With Your Hair Ensuring The Effectiveness Of The Regimen
  • Clinically Tested Ingredients And Formulations Address Your Hair’s Daily Needs

Formulated With Pure, Safe & Effective Ingredients

Powerful ingredients lie at the core of SkinKraft's customized hair care formulations.

  • Every ingredient is carefully chosen for being safe and effective in hair care over decades
  • All SkinKraft Shampoos gently clean the scalp without stripping moisture
  • All SkinKraft Conditioners hydrate and nourish locking the hair cuticle for smooth strands with every use
  • All SkinKraft hair care products are soap free, thus safe for a sensitive and a sensitized scalp
  • All SkinKraft Shampoos & Conditioners are formulated with 18-mea, reducing overall moisture loss from the hair strands

Your Customized Hair Care Regimen

Every SkinKraft hair care regimen contains everything you need to keep your hair healthy and shiny on a daily basis. This includes:

  • Your Recommended Customized Shampoo
  • Your Recommended Customized Conditioner

To start your customized hair care journey, take the hair profile questionnaire and get familiar with your current hair profile.