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Removing facial hair by shaving is no longer something that only men do. Today even women opt for shaving to remove their facial hair. However, the question of whether it is good for skin or not, what the right process is and how to go about it troubles many.

Irrespective of whether you’re a man or a woman, it is important to shave your face perfectly and also take proper aftershave care. Read on to know all about it.

Is Shaving Facial Hair Good For Your Skin?

While men shave their facial hair almost every day, women tend to do it occasionally. Shaving facial hair has both its pros and cons.


1. Quicker & Less Painful

Shaving your face will remove all the pesky, dark and thick hair from your face and neck. It is a quicker hair removal process than others. It is also a less painful method of hair removal. Unless you cut your skin with the razor, you may not feel any kind of pain while shaving.

2. Cleanses & Exfoliates

Along with removing hair, shaving also cleanses out the dead skin cells from the outer layer of your skin. Naturally, your skin gets exfoliated every time you shave.

3. Easier To Apply Makeup

Shaving your face removes the thick hair as well as exfoliates your skin. It smooths out your facial surface making it very easy to apply makeup. Your makeup products such foundation, concealer etc will be evenly applied. Makeup products blend well on the hair-free face.


1.Ingrown Hair

Shaving vellus hair (short and unnoticeable hair) does not create much of a problem. But shaving terminal hair that is thick and dark may cause ingrown hair which can lead to painful bumps.[1]

2.Damages Skin

Shaving can damage your skin. You may get cuts while using a razor. It can also cause razor burns. Multiple strokes with the razor can lead to skin irritation as well. [2] Those facing skin conditions such as acne or eczema may face increased discomfort.

3. Dryness & Itching

Shaving makes your skin dry and dull. You may feel an uncomfortable itchiness on your face after shaving.

How To Shave Your Face Properly?

Steps For Women

1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser first and pat it dry. Facial shaving should be done on clean skin without applying any shaving cream or any product. If you feel dry shaving will irritate your skin, you can use a cream or a moisturizer.

2. Opt for a single-blade razor which is specially designed for women’s skin. You can also try a dermaplaning tool to remove your facial hair.

3. Do not use a dull or old razor to shave. Always use a sharp and fresh one.

4. Hold your skin tightly with one hand and hold the razor with another one. Use the razor in a 45-degree angle and gently stroke on your face.

5. Do not shave against your hair grain.

6. Rinse off your razor with warm water after every stroke.

7. Stay away from your eye-area while shaving.

8. Wash your face with water as soon as you finish shaving.

9. Apply moisturizer on your face properly.

Steps For Men [3]

1. Hydrate your skin to reduce the chances of cuts and irritation during shaving.

2. It is better to shave while showering or just after a shower. Hydration will make your beard softer and help you have a smoother shave.

3. Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells. If your skin is clean, you will have a better shaving experience.

4. Use a shaving gel or foam before shaving. Apply it on your face with a brush to soften your beard. Then take small strokes with the razor.

5. Check the razor before shaving. Do not use an old and dull blade as it can cause many skin problems.

6. Rinse your razor with warm water after shaving, as a dirty razor can cause irritation and discomfort.

7. Do not overuse your shaving cream or gel. product. Just take a sufficient amount of the shaving cream.

8. Men should be using the razor both with the grain and against the grain.

9. Apply aftershave when you finish shaving.

young couple applying moisturizer on their face

How To Take Care Of Your Skin After Shaving?


1. Sun Protection:

After shaving, your skin needs protection from the sun. While skin becomes sensitive when exposed to sunlight for a long period, [4] shaving can make skin even more sensitive and also damage it. Thus, applying sunscreen is a must, every time you go out.

2. Moisturizing:

Shaving makes your skin dry. Moisturize your face immediately after shaving. This is even more important for those with dry skin, as shaving may further dry it out. Try to opt for a deep moisturizing cream or lotion.

3. Take A Break:

If your facial skin gets irritated or itchy every time you shave, you must take a break from shaving. While women can opt for other methods of hair removal such as waxing, men can use a trimmer.


1. Don’t use old razors:

Using the same razor for a long time is harmful. If you see any kind of rust or waste in your razor, discard it immediately. Old razor blades contain bacteria and they can cause serious skin issues like warts, folliculitis etc. [5] If the razor is a little dirty, you can clean the blades with hot water using a brush.

2. Don’t use alcohol-based aftershave:

Men should use alcohol-free aftershaves and toners, as alcohol tends to dry out the skin.

3. Don’t be in a hurry:

While you may be pressed for time, hurried shaving results in skin irritation and burning. Be smooth and steady with the razor, so that hair removal is easier and faster.

How Often Should You Shave Your Face?

Men who want a clean shaven look, can shave once in two to three days. Alternatively, you can shave every three to five days as well.

For women who experience heavy hair growth, shaving is recommended once a week, but not more than that. In general, shaving once every two weeks is fine for women.

What Happens If A Woman Shaves Her Face?

A woman shaving her face is not much different from a man shaving his beard. The effects are almost similar. However, do remember,

  • Shaving won’t get rid of your hair permanently.
  • Your facial hair will grow back faster after shaving.
  • Other hair removal methods such as waxing and threading allow more time for hair to grow back.
  • Many women think shaving makes their hair thicker and darker but this is just an illusion. Shaving just blunts the edges of your hair, making it feel a bit coarse.

Wrapping Up

Just like men, women also choose shaving as a hair removal option for facial hair. Not only is shaving faster and hassle-free, it also exfoliates the skin. However, shaving needs to be done correctly, following appropriate steps. Aftercare of the skin is of utmost importance too. Apart from shaving, there are multiple facial hair removal options available. Find more about them here, and ensure whether shaving is right for you or not.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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