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Are you planning to straighten your beard and wondering how to go about it? Worry no more, we have got your back.

Choosing a style for your beard often comes as a challenge. But beard straightening is the easiest yet coolest way to make your beard look awesome.

Here are the top 10 ways to straighten your beard without any hassle.

How To Make Your Beard Straight?

Very few men are naturally blessed with a straight beard. But the rest have to put effort into getting a neatly done beard. Taming the wild hair on your face is not an easy job. It requires a lot of patience and time. Listed below are ways how you can straighten your beard without wasting your precious time.

1. A Good Beard Oil

Beard oil is an essential product for a healthy beard. The oil will tame your curly beard hair and make it straight. To benefit from this, first, apply a sufficient amount of oil on your beard and brush it straight. This will keep the beard neat and straight for a few hours. In case you want to avoid beard oil, you can always use coconut or olive oil as a substitute.

2. Beard Shampoo

When your beard is not cleaned for days, it becomes grimy and difficult to straighten. Thus, washing it with a mild beard shampoo is important. It will keep your beard clean, smooth and easy to brush. In most cases, a dirty beard looks curly whereas a cleaned and brushed beard looks straight.

3. Beard Conditioner

Conditioner keeps your beard hair smooth and tangle-free. Once you are done shampooing, apply a tiny amount of conditioner. Keep the conditioner for two minutes and wash off the beard thoroughly. This will help you maintain a good beard style.

4. Brush Your Beard Regularly

Brushing your beard regularly is a great habit. Often men stick to brushing only the head- hair. When you clean your beard frequently, brush it regularly. This is a great way to keep your beard straight.

5. Use A Blow Dryer

While blow dryers are quite the popular heating tool for head hair, not all are aware that you can use them for your beard as well. Styling your beard will be a lot easier if you use a blow dryer and brush. However, many may worry about the damage a heating tool can cause to a beard. It is recommended to use the blow dryer on a medium heat mode to avoid major hair damage.

6. Spray Sea Salt On Beard

Sea salt is a commonly used product to shape and texture head hair. But you can use it for your beard as well. While buying a sea salt product make sure you are picking up a quality product. Also, look for the ingredient called kelp.

A 2019 study stated that kelp improves your skin’s barrier functions and works as an anti-aging agent. Since any product you use on your beard will affect your skin, it’s better to use a product that contains kelp.

7. Use A Styling Balm

Just like you use hair gel to keep your hairstyle intact, you can also opt for beard styling balm to lock your beard style. First, brush your beard hair straight and then apply a tiny amount of styling balm to lock the shape.


In case you have already applied beard oil, first let your skin and beard absorb that oil. Then apply the styling balm.

Did You Know?

Beard works as natural sun protection for your skin. Research suggests that it offers 90%-95% of protection from harmful UV rays.

8. Use Straightening Iron

A hair straightening iron can be helpful to straighten your beard hair. But this is only applicable for long beards. Otherwise, you may burn your skin while trying to straighten your short beard. If your beard is long enough to use a straightening tool, you can go for it. First, brush your hair, and then use the tool. However, heating tools soak up the moisture from your hair and make it dry. Hence, use beard oil after you finish straightening.

9. Use A Heated Brush

Heated brushes are a recent addition to styling tools. Over the counter, you can get heated brushes that are easy to use and are effective. These brushes come with different heating levels. You can choose the level according to your requirement. Comb your beard with the heated brush and get a neatly straightened beard within minutes.

10. Hand Shaping

Last but not least, hand shaping is the oldest and most effective way to keep your beard in shape. It happens gradually and takes a little time for your beard to come into proper shape. But the wait is worth it. You need to maintain the shape of your beard from the start and style it manually using a brush and scissors.

Side Effects Of Straightening Your Beard

1. Dryness is the first thing that occurs if you use heating tools to straighten your beard. The heating tools strip the natural oil from your beard and makes it extremely dull-looking.

2. Heating tools are required to be used from the root of the hair to achieve perfect results. Naturally, it has a high risk of burning the skin below the beard. Often people complain about slightly burnt skin, redness, or skin irritation after using a heating tool on their beard.

3. Using chemical products to style your beard may cause hair breakage. Styling gels, balms and sprays hold the style of your beard, but they are not good for your hair. You may also notice split ends on your beard hair.

4. Using products on your beard also affects the skin below. Many men notice acne breakout as a result of using too many beard styling products.

5. If you use too many styling products and heating tools to keep your beard straight, it may initiate hair loss. In severe cases, chances of permanent hair loss are also possible.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Beard

1. Wash your beard at least twice a week to keep it clean and tidy.

2. Brush it regularly to keep a proper shape and texture.

3. Trim it often to maintain the appearance of the beard.

4. Limit the usage of heating tools in order to straighten it. Go for manual styling.

5. Do not use too much chemical product on your beard.

6. Every time you wash your beard, apply beard oil afterward. It will help your beard grow.

7. Choose products for your beard carefully by keeping your skin and hair type in mind.

Wrapping Up

A curly or frizzy beard does not go well with creating a great impression. But a neat and straight beard will add confidence to your personality. So don’t shy away from styling your beard. With a little amount of effort, you can get a stylish-looking beard that suits both your look and your personality. With the methods mentioned above and the tips to maintain your beard, it should be easy and hassle-free for you.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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