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In India, more often than not, we come across people with yellow and light brown complexions. This type of skin looks very similar to the color of wheat. This is what we call a wheatish complexion.

If you have wheatish skin, keep reading to know what kind of colors and makeup would be perfect for your complexion.

1. What Is Wheatish Complexion?

young girl with perfect light brown skin and beautiful curly black hair smiling

Wheatish complexion is characterized by light brown skin, almost like the color of wheat. This complexion is usually darker than a peachy or fair complexion and lighter than a dusky one.

The color of your skin is determined by the amount of melanin present in your body. The more melanin, the darker the shade.

Genes play a major role in determining the color of your skin. If either one of your parents happens to have a wheatish complexion, it is likely that you’ll have it too.

2. Why Do Most Indians Have A Wheatish Complexion?

Millions of years of human evolution and genetics determine the dominant skin color in every part of the world. Also, scientific studies suggest that since we live closer to the equator, our body is exposed to the maximum UVB rays of the sun.

This is possibly why you may see a difference in the skin colors of Indians and those living further away from the equator. The same theory could apply to the difference in complexions of North Indians and South Indians as well. (1)

3. Wheatish Complexion Vs Dusky Complexion

A wheatish complexion lies somewhere in-between fair and dusky complexions. It is characterized as being light brown in color, whereas dusky complexion usually refers to a darker brown shade.

4. Makeup Tips For The Wheatish-Skinned Woman

If you fall into the wheatish complexion category, here’s what you can do with your makeup:

Makeup Dos

1. Wear A Water-Based Foundation

Indian skin is relatively oily, considering the humidity levels in the country. If you have wheatish oily skin, use water-based makeup products and removers. Cream-based foundations may appear greasy on your face.

2. Cover Those Sun-Spots With Concealer

A concealer is used to tackle discoloration and pigmentation spots. Choose a concealer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone for an even look.

3. Eye-Liners

Wear eye-liners in shades of brown, blue and green.

4. Warmer Tones Work Better

Wheatish skin looks good with subtle, gold shades. If you are somebody who wears eye-shadow, choose a brown or golden shade. Nudes go well too.

5. Tone-Down The Lip Shade

Mature, subtle and warm shades like wine, maroon and nudes go well with the Indian, wheatish skin tone.

6. Don’t Go Too Pink With The Blush

Choose a plum or deep red blush.

Makeup Don’ts

1. Don’t Attempt To Look Fair

Don’t wear a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone. It will only make your face look powdery, patchy and uneven. The goal of good makeup is to make your skin look radiant and healthy. Carry your wheatish complexion with pride.

2. Avoid Silver Eyeshadow And Highlighters

Warm shades like golden, copper and brown go well with the wheatish complexion. Avoid cool or bright shades like silver, light purple or pink. Avoid wearing neon colored eye-liners.

3. Avoid Bright Lipstick Shades

Bright pink and red shades go better with fair skin. If you have a wheatish tone, avoid bright pink, orange and red shades of lipstick.

4. Avoid Wearing Light Colored Blushes

All of us want that rosy touch to our cheeks! But if you have a wheatish skin tone, avoid wearing light pink blushes. It may just appear over-the-top and unreal.

5. Don’t Forget The Neck

This is a common mistake that most women make. You don’t want your face color to differ from your neck. Apply your full-coverage foundation to your jawline and neck as well.

5. What Hair Colors Should You Opt For If You Have Wheatish Skin?

Most Indian skin tones go well with dark browns with a hint of red or burgundy. A variety of brown shades are available to suit all Indian skin tones. It’s always recommended to choose a hair color that contrasts with your skin tone. Avoid blonde hair shades.

Deep Rich Browns, Chestnut And Copper:

If you prefer a hint of color and don’t like too much experimentation

Burgundy, Maroon And Deep Reds:

If you don’t mind being slightly adventurous in your choices

Violets, Blues And Neons :

These are the colors you should avoid

6. What Color Clothes Should You Wear If You Have Wheatish Skin?

Choose shades that will contrast with your skin. Opt for hues of reds, pinks, blues or pastels (ones that are far from the middle ground). Avoid wearing shades close to your skin tone like beige and light browns. To accentuate your skin tone, you can also go with white.

These guidelines have developed over the years in the beauty industry and aren’t the gospel truth of how you should carry yourself. The beauty industry has only come to realize that contrast is key when it comes to choosing the color of your hair or clothes. At the end of the day, you have to make sure you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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