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Your body goes through many changes as you age. You see visible signs of aging on the skin's surface, especially on your face and hands. While many of you may have a set skincare routine for your face, you may often tend to neglect your hands.

Although you can't necessarily prevent aging and thinning skin, you can certainly slow it down. Let's take a closer look at a few simple methods to keep your hands wrinkle-free and youthful.

What Expert Says

“Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers can be used to reduce wrinkles. These fillers are substances designed to be injected beneath the skin surface to add volume. It also provides fullness and reduces wrinkles temporarily.”

Dr Harish Koutam, Chief Dermatologist, SkinKraft

Why Do My Hands Look Wrinkled?

Since you practically use your hands constantly, your hands' delicate skin tends to crease and loses its elasticity, leading to wrinkles. There are a few other specific reasons behind wrinkled hands which include:

  • Aging
  • Excessive Washing
  • Dehydration
  • Repeated exposure to chemicals
  • Routine activities like washing dishes or cleaning
  • Overexposure to the sun
  • Smoking

beautiful woman's hands

How To Prevent Hand Wrinkles?

1. Sun Protection

Did you know that extreme sun exposure can lead to brown spots, irregular pigmentation, and wrinkles? The collagen and elastin fibers [1] in your skin break down when exposed to extreme sunlight.

Your skin loses the support of fibers, which leads to wrinkles. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the reason for about 80% of skin aging. [2]

Your hands need regular protection from the sun to avoid damage. Sunscreen works as a shield for your hands and prevents the harm caused by the sun's UV rays.

Apply a higher SPF sunscreen to your hands to avoid sunburn and wrinkles. Also, try to wear full sleeves or sun-protective gloves to safeguard your hands.

2. Hydration

Your body needs to stay hydrated to keep each cell and tissue refreshed.

Apart from crucial functions like flushing toxins from your body, helping with digestion, and maintaining your body temperature, water also keeps your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside.

Dehydrated skin can turn brittle, weak, and thin, eventually leading to wrinkles on your hands. Your aim should be to drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

3. Hand Creams & Treatments

Hand creams are long-lasting and thick. Pick a hand cream that contains glycerin andalpha-hydroxy acids. These are beneficial ingredients that work as humectants to attract moisture from the air to your skin. [3]

Lack of water can dry the top layer of your skin. It cracks the surface of the skin and leaves spaces between the skin cells. Emollients, or softening agents, fill these empty spaces between your skin cells and make your skin smoother. According to our chief dermatologist Dr. Harish Koutam, “Dermal fillers or soft tissue fillers can be used to reduce wrinkles. These fillers are substances designed to be injected beneath the skin surface to add volume. It also provides fullness and reduces wrinkles temporarily.”

4. Exfoliate Your Hands

As we age, the skin's natural exfoliation process slows down. Thus, the skin builds up dead skin cells.

Exfoliate your hands with a mild scrub to get rid of dead skin cells. It will help speed up cellular turnover while softening fine lines and wrinkles on your hands.

5. Use A Retinoid At Night

One of the most popular anti-ageing ingredients, retinoids [4] are derived from vitamin A. Retinoid is also the most widely used prescription treatment for wrinkles.

Retinoids can increase collagen production in the skin. They also encourage skin regeneration and promote the formation of new blood vessels. Hence, your skin appears smooth, soft, and healthy. Use it only in the night, as sun exposure after applying retinol is not recommended. Pregnant women must avoid it.

6. Rest Your Hands

Adequate sleep every night is mandatory for healthy and happy skin. By getting enough sleep each night, you can provide your body the time it requires to replenish itself and aid in your skin's natural recovery process.

applying cream for hands

Home Remedies For Wrinkle-Free Hands

1. Lemon Juice And Sugar Scrub

A mixture of lemon juice and sugar excels at exfoliation. Lemon removes dark patches, age spots, and visible dirt on your hands. Sugar scrubs away the dead skin cells making your hands smoother and softer.

2. Milk Moisture

Milk can do wonders for wrinkled hands. After exfoliating, you should moisturize your hands, and milk is an excellent choice for skin conditioning.

It is rich in moisture, full of antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Soak your hands in milk for 15 minutes after you finish scrubbing for softer hands.

3. Banana Pulp

Bananas are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, making them ideal for fighting wrinkles. Crush a banana and apply the pulp to your hands. Wash it off once it dries. Repeat the procedure twice a week for best results.

4. Pineapple Pulp

Pineapple pulp is filled with vitamin C. Use it as a hand mask and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off with cold water once it dries. You can use this hand mask every other day for a smoother and wrinkle-free hand.

5. Olive Oil

Massage your hands with olive oil every night before you go to sleep. Wear cotton gloves over your oiled hands and leave them overnight. Clean your hands with warm water in the morning. This treatment will make your hands softer and supple.

6. Tomato Juice

Tomato juice is an excellent source of antioxidants. Rich in lycopene, tomatoes can protect and nourish your skin. Soak your hands in tomato juice for 10-15 minutes and wash off with cold water. You can also drink tomato juice for your daily dose of antioxidants.

7. Rice Paste

A rice mask is very beneficial to fight wrinkles. Grind rice powder and mix it with rose water and milk. Use the mask on your hands and let it dry. Wash the paste with lukewarm water. Your hands will feel smooth and rejuvenated.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera has malic acid, which is an elasticity agent. It can drastically reduce the signs of aging, like wrinkles and skin thinning. Apply aloe vera gel on your hands and leave it on for at least 15 minutes. Rinse with water and gently pat dry.

9. Watermelon Rind

Do not throw the rind away when you finish eating a watermelon. Instead, use it as a natural wrinkle-fighting remedy. Watermelon is rich in vitamins and minerals, and also has collagen-enhancing properties. Crush its rind to form a paste and apply it to your hands for 15 minutes. Wash it off with cold water.

10. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can also do wonders for your hands. Massage your hands with coconut oil in circular motions for about 10 minutes. A coconut oil massage will increase the blood flow to your hands and promote healthy skin, reducing wrinkles.

11. Cucumber

Cucumbers contain antioxidants, and vitamin C. Take a cucumber slice and dip it in honey. Rub this slice all over your hands. Massage for at least five minutes and rinse with water.

12. Carrot Mask

Carrots are rich in vitamin A and can treat and prevent wrinkles while speeding up the skin's collagen production. Boil a peeled carrot and blend it properly, add honey to the paste and apply it on your hands. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes and rinse your hands with lukewarm water.

Wrapping Up

If neglected, your hands can age significantly faster since the skin on them is thin and delicate. Keeping your hands hydrated is one of the most vital steps to achieving soft and nourished hands.

SkinKraft offers a customized skincare regimen based on your skin's unique needs and characteristics.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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