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  5. Do I Need To Use All 5 Products?

Yes, to get the best results. The SkinKraft regimen is customized to do what one product can not. Each step works to repair your skin’s damage and bring out its natural glow.

The mild soap-free cleanser acts as a 2 in 1, cleanser and exfoliator that cleanses your face without causing further damage.

The next step, moisturizer, counter the daily damage by repairing the damaged skin barrier and hydrating the skin.

Then the active acts on your primary skin concerns, with dermatologically prescribed ingredients.

Followed by the Daily Reparative Serum that brightens the skin tone and makes the skin firm & youthful.

The final product in the 5-step customized regimen is Ultra Matte Sunscreen that offers a broad spectrum SPF 40++++ protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun.