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SkinKraft’s customized skin care regimen comes with three products - cleanser, moisturizer and active. The cleanser, as the name suggests, cleans all the dirt, grime and pollutants accumulated on your skin. The moisturizer nourishes your skin, while the active targets your specific skin concern.

To help you gain maximum benefits from the products, our skincare experts have simplified the ideal usage method. Here, we have explained how to use SkinKraft products in the morning and in the night:

Morning Routine

Your morning routine consists of SkinKraft’s customized cleanser and moisturizer sent to you as per your skin type.

Step 1

Damp your skin with water.

Step 2

Take a sufficient quantity of the recommended cleanser into your palm and work into a lather.

Step 3

Massage onto damp face and wash off with lukewarm water

Step 4

Wipe your face gently with a towel.

Step 5

Take a small amount of Repairing Facial Serum and apply it all over your face.

Step 6

After 20-30 min take a small amount of your recommended moisturizer into your palm.Use your fingertips to gently massage the moisturizer all over your face. Use your fingertips to gently massage the moisturizer all over your face.

Note :

Do not forget to apply sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out or before a swimming session. You can leave a gap of 10 minutes in between the application of SkinKraft moisturizer and your sunscreen.

Night Routine

Your night routine consists of SkinKraft’s customized cleanser, moisturizer as well as the active for your specific skin issue.

Step 1

Use the cleanser as instructed for the morning routine.

Step 2

Take a sufficient amount of the active in your palm. Use your fingertips to apply it on your skin or only on the affected areas as described on the label. For example, if you have acne issues, apply only on the live pimples. In case you have tan or aging signs, the active must be used all over your face.

Step 3

After applying the active, wait for 30 minutes to allow your skin to absorb the product.

Step 4

Then, apply your moisturizer over the active, just like the morning routine. Leave the active and moisturizer on your skin overnight for the best result.

Note :

All the active products are meant for overnight use. Do not wash your face after applying the actives.

When Will SkinKraft’s Customized Regimen Start Showing Results?

Your skin needs a minimum of 28 days to reflect the result you desire. The quoted time is for your skin to exfoliate and regenerate new cells. In case you feel the products are not working for you, no worries! We have a backup option for you, which will be replaced for free. This happens through our follow-up system.

We understand that your skin keeps changing with time. Keeping a track of the changes allows us to provide you with the best-suited product everytime. The follow-up system asks you to take the SkinID™ test again and recommend new products according to your current skin status.

Now that you know how to incorporate SkinKraft products into your skincare regimen, order your customized products today and get it delivered at your doorstep!