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Every skin is unique and requires a certain way to treat itself.

For example, you might share the same skin type as your friend but your skin requirements will still differ. Her skin might be more sensitive to sunlight than your skin or your skin might require more hydration than her skin.

When your skin’s current characteristics and needs are as unique as you understanding it should be the first step.

At SkinKraft we help you understand this step and address multiple skin concerns one at a time.

Let’s Look At How SkinKraft Could Help Your Skin

Start Your Skin Journey

  • Take our dermatologist-approved SKinKraft Skin ID™ Questionnaire and find out what your current skin care routine should be.
  • Sign up with your contact details to get your skin analysis.

Get What’s Best For Your Skin

  • Once you sign up you will be redirected to your skin analysis page that describes what your actual skin condition is.
  • Accordingly the page prescribes customised skin care regimen that will help fight your skin problems.
  • The customised skin care regimen is researched and designed by our team of expert dermatologists.

Get The Best Plan:

At SkinKraft, you can choose the right plan for you.

The available plans are:

  • The 3-step customized plan available at Rs.999/-
  • The 4-step customized plan available at Rs.1399/-
  • The 5-step customized plan available at Rs.1499/-

Skin exfoliates every 28 days, shedding off dead cells. So any new skincare requires, a minimum of 3 exfoliation cycles to adjust to new skincare and have any effect on the skin.

Voilà! You Are Done!

  • Enter your address and contact details to complete your order.
  • The products will be delivered with specific usage instructions that should be strictly followed for effective results.

SkinKraft's Unique Follow Up Procedure

SkinKraft has an aligned follow-up system that analyzes your skin and the effect of your customized regimen.

More than seven days after you receive your customized box you will get a SkinKraft Follow-Up Questionnaire link on your registered email ID or as a WhatsApp message on your registered mobile number.

The questionnaire analyzes our products’ effects on your skin and accordingly the next course of action is decided. If a product change is required SkinKraft will make the change immediately for absolutely no extra cost.

This systematic approach has been designed to assure product effectiveness and customer satisfaction. For further queries contact us at support@skinkraft.com or call our toll-free number 1800-120-004488 (Mon-Sat, 9am-6pm).

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