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If your hair is curly or wavy, then you too must have thought about stretching your hair to show its true length. Those who have curly hair are well aware of the problem of shrinkage. Such hair shows its length when wet, but as it dries, the curls reduce the natural length of your hair too.

While using heat-based hair straighteners or chemicals to straighten your hair can be an option, these methods tend to do more harm than good. And this is where natural solutions come in.

So, if you too want to stretch your hair with zero damage to it, then read on. As surprising as it may sound, you can style your hair without heat. More importantly, when your natural hair tends to shrink and give you a messy look, you can stretch your hair safely with these super easy methods. Check them out!

Why Is It Important To Stretch Natural Hair?

1. Reduces Shrinkage

Natural hair tends to shrink. When you tie your hair up or leave it open for too long, the hair shaft bends due to external forces like wind or the pressure of your hairstyle. But when you stretch your hair, it returns to its natural texture and shape and shows the actual length of your hair.

2. Detangles Hair

Stretching your hair not just gives you the actual look of your hair but also helps you get rid of knots and tangles. When your hair is free of knots and tangles, it reduces the risk of breakage as well. You can get a smooth combing experience.

3. Easy To Apply Hair Care Products

Another benefit of hair stretching is smoothness. When your hair is back to its original form, it becomes smoother, making it a good time to apply hair care products. It becomes easy to distribute the right amount of product from the root to the tip of your hair. As a result, the product penetrates quickly into your cuticles and works more effectively.

4. Hair Regeneration

Studies suggest that mechanical stretching stimulates the cellular function of your hair and induces hair regeneration. It happens when the stretch activates the stem cells of your hair to facilitate hair regeneration. [1]

How To Stretch Your Hair Without Heat?

rear back behind view of groomed girl wearing two fashionable buns

1. Buns

Making buns is the easiest way to stretch your hair naturally. It takes the least amount of effort and equipment. It is not just time-saving but also does the work wonderfully. All you need to do is part your hair into two sections and make two identical buns. Use a rubber band or ponytail holder to secure the bun. Let it rest overnight and see the magic next morning.

2. Banding

Banding is also a handy option. You will need a few ponytail holders and a comb for this procedure. Start from the front section of your hair. Part your hair into small sections and wrap each section using the ponytail holder. Slowly do the same with each section till no hair shaft is left open. But make sure your hair ties are not too tight, and let your hair breathe while you continue with the process. Open the ties after a few hours.

3. Stretch Plates

Stretch plates are readymade clips that help you stretch your hair without heat. You can get it in many beauty stores or online platforms. This method is more useful when your hair is freshly washed. Make sure that your hair is not dripping wet, but is slightly damp. Use a comb to part your hair into sections and tie the sections using the clips. Leave it till the hair completely dries off.

woman with pineapple hairstyle and pineapple in hand

4. Pineapple Style

Pineapple is an overnight method for heat-free hair stretching. Not only is this an extremely simple and effective way for hair stretching, it is also extremely popular for the comfort it allows while sleeping. Gather all of your hair on the top of your head and tie it up. It will lengthen your natural hair and stretch out the roots. If you are not comfortable keeping it overnight, you can do a quick 15 minutes hair stretching with this method.

5. Curlformers

Curlformers work as a curling wand that’s heat-free. Giving you the exact curls that you want, curlformers also stretch your hair. This makes them doubly beneficial. These curlers have hooks, and you need to pull the hair through the curlers and hook it up.

6. Jumbo Braid

Jumbo braid is pretty similar to pineapple style. It stretches your roots and gives your hair its original state. Gather up all your hair at the top of your head and create a braid. You can make it a quick 15 minutes session in the morning before going out.

7. Comb

Once you are done using your curlformer or bun, comb your hair. Open up your hair and part it into multiple small sections. Then comb each section taking a suitable amount of time. Slowly, your hair shaft will get into a better shape and have a smoother texture. The comb works exactly like a blow-dry, and this process is also known as a heatless blow dry.

close up of nigerian indigenous hairstyle called threading

8. African Threading

African threading is the most time taking and difficult method of hair stretching. But it is worth the effort as you can expect amazing results from it. With similarities to banding, here you take tiny sections of hair and wrap each section around a thread. While this may look a little unusual, once you are done wrapping, but the result would be satisfying.

How Long Should You Stretch Your Hair?

Stretching your natural hair once a week is more than enough. Natural stretching procedures are harmless and few methods such as buns, pineapple and jumbo braid can be left overnight .

For other methods, you can have a quick session of 15 to 30 minutes. These sessions can be made a little longer if you wish, but make sure that your hair can breathe. Also, take care of your comfort and make sure your scalp is not hurting due to the tight hair do.

Wrapping Up

Stretching your hair will bring out the original length and the texture of your hair. As using heating tools for stretching can damage your hair shafts, natural ways are always better. Our listed methods will help you stretch out your hair naturally as well as maintain the health of your precious locks. However, always ensure the health of your hair, and know your hair type, before choosing a method.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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