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Did you know that your favourite coffee can benefit your hair as well? Usually, caffeine is not looked upon as a healthy drinking substance. However, there are claims that caffeine application can make your hair healthy and boost hair growth.

Even though the truth behind this claim is still a matter of discussion, many people wash hair with the cold brew to obtain benefits. Today, we share information on how exactly coffee can benefit your hair and whether there are any side effects to it. Let’s dig in!

What Does Coffee Do To Your Hair?

Coffee has nutrients and vitamins that can benefit your hair in many ways. It has the potential to improve the overall health of your hair. Coffee application is associated with the stimulation of your hair growth. It also helps in darkening your hair colour and enhancing the texture.

Is Drinking Coffee Good Or Bad?

Drinking coffee is not bad for your health as long as you consume it within a limit. Coffee has multiple benefits to offer such as boosting your energy levels, supplying valuable nutrients to your body and also reducing the risk of many deadly diseases.

However, consuming high amounts of caffeine on a regular basis, can lead to many health issues. In fact, excessive coffee intake is considered to be the second leading reason behind cancer. According to the Federal Drug Administration, the consumption of caffeine is safe up to 400 mg a day. Crossing the safety amount can be harmful. [1]

What Are The Benefits Of Using Coffee For Hair?

1. Boosts Hair Growth

Matrix keratinocytes proliferate during the formation and growth of the hair shaft. [2] Coffee stimulates the matrix cells to boost hair growth. [3]

Additionally, the antioxidants in coffee help to retain moisture in your hair and prevent epidermal water loss. This leads to the production of healthy hair cells.

Being a stimulant, coffee improves the blood circulation to your hair follicles which make the hair grow faster. Studies have shown that drinking coffee increases the number of hair follicles in your scalp.

2. Reduces Hair Loss

Excessive hair loss and baldness is a strong indicator of weak hair follicles. With age, hair follicles grow weak and irrespective of gender, hair starts to shed. Topical application of caffeine on hair has been proven to reduce hair loss and also encourage hair growth. [4]

A common reason for baldness among men is the sex hormone called dihydrotestosterone, widely known as DHT. It damages the hair follicles and triggers hair loss. Women with DHT can also experience extreme hair loss. A study suggests that coffee can revert the condition by reducing hair loss. [5]

3. Promotes Softer Hair

Coffee is enriched with flavonoids. These are antioxidants known for their role in hair regeneration. Dull and dry hair is a result of moisture loss. Coffee helps to retain the moisture in your hair and encourage hair regeneration. If you have frizziness in your hair, a simple wash with coffee will help you get softer and smoother hair. [6]

4. Exfoliates Your Scalp

Coffee powder works great as an exfoliant too. If your hair feels oily or greasy and needs exfoliation, a coffee mask can be your solution. Using a homemade coffee mask will exfoliate your scalp and remove the dead skin cells. Your scalp and hair would have a perfect oil balance as well.

5. Darkens Hair Texture

Coffee can darken your grey hair. It works as a natural hair colour. If you apply coffee to your hair, the coffee stain will colour your hair and darken the shade of your hair strands. Technically, this is a natural way to hide your grey hair easily.

natural beautiful hair and organic cosmetics coffee and coconut

Alternative Ways To Use Coffee For Hair Growth

Over The Counter Products

Caffeine-based hair care products are easily available over the counter. You will find caffeine-based shampoo, conditioner and even hair serum. These products are formulated with coffee beans to provide you the benefits coffee offers. These can improve the appearance of your hair and make it voluminous. Most caffeine-based shampoos contain hyaluronic acid and biotin that boost hair growth.

DIY methods

If you are not comfortable using over-the-counter products and find DIY methods more reliable, then we have some useful DIY methods for you.

1. Hair Wash With Coffee


1. Cold-brewed coffee (2 to 4 cups)

2. Plastic shower cap

3. Spray bottle

Steps To Follow

1. Pour the cold coffee into the spray bottle.

2. Spray the coffee on your hair. (Preferably wet hair)

3. Massage your scalp with your fingers.

4. Tie up your hair and wear a shower cap.

5. Let the coffee stay for at least 20 minutes.

6. Wash your hair with lukewarm water.

2. Coffee Hair Mask


1. 2 teaspoons coffee powder

2. 1 tablespoon of carrier oil (olive/ coconut/ almond)

3. 1 tablespoon honey

4. Shower cap

Steps To Follow

1. Mix the ingredients in a bowl.

2. Apply it to your hair and scalp using a brush.

3. Wear the shower cap and let the mask stay for 20 minutes.

4. Rinse off the coffee mask with water.

3. Coffee Conditioner


1. Cold-brewed coffee

2. Container

Steps To Follow

1. Pour the cold-brewed coffee into a container.

2. Wash your hair with a natural shampoo.

3. Apply the coffee to your hair and massage.

4. Leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.

5. Clean off with water.

4. Coffee Oil


1. 2 cups carrier oil (olive/ coconut/ almond)

2. 1/4th cup of roasted coffee beans

3. Essential oil (rosemary/ peppermint)

Steps To Follow

1. Heat up the carrier oil in a saucepan.

2. Add the roasted coffee beans and cook the beans on a low flame.

3. It will take around 7-8 hours for the oil to come out.

4. Let the oil cool down and then pour it into a glass container.

5. Keep it in a cool place and apply it on your scalp before going to bed.

What Precautions Do You Need To Take Before Coffee Application?

  • The coffee must be completely cooled before you apply it to your hair.
  • Your hair may get slightly stained with coffee. If you want to avoid that, you can use shampoo and conditioner that contain caffeine instead.
  • Try to use unflavoured coffee for hair purposes. If the coffee has other added substances, it may not be very effective.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Coffee For Hair?

Everything requires a balance and this holds true for coffee usage too. Despite all the benefits coffee offers for your hair, excessive use can backfire. This applies not just for the topical use of coffee but also in the case of over-consumption, which can impact your hair growth negatively.

Wrapping Up

Who thought coffee can be a natural remedy for so many hair problems? It can reduce hair loss, promote hair growth, get rid of grey hair and provide many other benefits too. Whether you settle for over-the-counter caffeine-based products or indulge yourself in some DIY methods, it would take some time to deliver the desired result. Do remember to keep your hair type in mind, before opting for any product or treatment.

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