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Ever since that friend of yours came out of a hair spa session flaunting beautifully soft, nourished and ad-worthy hair, have you been considering the treatment yourself? But you have too many questions in your mind - from whether it’s really beneficial to whether it’s worth your hard-earned money or its possible side effects.

Don’t worry, we are here to make your decision easier. Here’s all you need to know about hair spa treatments, which one is the best for you and how it can benefit your hair and improve its health.

What Expert Says

"Hair spa requires a lot of head massage that stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp. The procedure enhances the oxygen supply to your hair follicles. It revitalizes your scalp and improves hair growth."

Abhisikta Hati, Senior Product Development Executive, SkinKraft

What Are The Steps Involved In A Hair Spa Treatment?

A typical hair spa involves shampooing, hair masks, massage and steaming. However, the format of the steps may vary from parlour to parlour.

Step 1: Shampooing

Your hair is first washed with shampoo to remove dirt and dead skin cells.

Step 2: Hair mask

This is the most important step of your hair spa. It involves applying a serum-like mask to your hair and leaving it on for a few minutes. The mask is meant to rid your scalp of dryness and flakes, besides strengthening and nourishing your hair follicles. This makes it appear smooth, bright and frizz-free.

Step 3: Massage

Massages increase blood flow to your hair follicles, boosting hair growth and improving the health of your hair. It also ensures that the mask applied reaches every corner of your hair and scalp.

Step 4: Steaming

It is similar to a facial, except that the steam is focused on your hair. This allows the pores on your scalp to open-up, promoting the absorption of the product that was previously applied to your scalp.

Step 5: Rinsing

After a few minutes of steaming, the hair is washed thoroughly.

Pro tip:

Blow drying or heat styling immediately after the spa treatment is not a good idea, as it can make your hair rough again making the spa session useless.

Hair Spa At Home

If you don’t have the time or money to visit your salon regularly, you can do your hair spa treatment at home by following these simple steps:

Step 1 : Massage your hair with your favorite oil

Woman applying hair oil

Take 2 tablespoons of coconut/olive oil and warm it in the microwave. Make sure the oil is not too hot and just right to give yourself a scalp massage.

Add a drop or two of Vitamin E oil to the mixture.

Massage your scalp for a good 5-10 minutes.

Step 2: Wear a damp towel around your head

Make sure the towel is clean and warm before you wrap it around your head.

Leave on for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Wash your hair with lukewarm water

Hot water can damage your hair.

Lukewarm water is recommended while washing your hair to prevent further damage and dryness.

Step 4: Apply your mask

Apply the hair mask, starting from your roots all the way down to your edges.

If you have long hair, pull it up into a bun after you finish applying your hair mask, and then cover it with a shower cap. Leave it on for 20-30 minutes.

Rinse off the mask thoroughly with shampoo and lukewarm water.

Your hair-mask should contain ingredients to address your specific hair concerns. You can buy a hair mask at the store depending on what your concerns are.

What Are The Different Hair Spa Treatments Available?

Just like your skin, your hair type is different from everybody else’s. This is why you require something that will suit your hair. Different hair spa treatments serve different purposes. Depending on your hair concerns, your spa therapist will recommend a suitable treatment.

1. Hair spa for dandruff

This treatment includes using products that may help alleviate dandruff from your scalp. They focus on nourishing and hydrating your scalp to get rid of dry skin and flakes as well as unclog your pores.

2. Hair spa for hair fall

If you notice that your hair appears thinner and less voluminous as compared to earlier, this hair treatment may help you fight your hair fall concerns. It focuses on improving blood circulation to your hair follicles and boosting hair growth. Ingredients such as omega fatty acids are popular to treat hair thinning.

3. Hair spa for oily hair

This treatment aims at reducing grease on your scalp. It aims at hydrating your scalp and reducing oil content.

4. Hair spa for dry scalp

This treatment aims at reducing dryness and flakes by hydrating your scalp. Ingredients like hyaluronic acid work wonders in improving scalp barrier functions.

5. Hair spa for colored hair

In case your hair is coloured, there are special hair spa treatments that aim at hydrating and nourishing your hair while protecting your hair color.

6. Hair spa for an itchy scalp

If your scalp constantly feels dry and itchy, this treatment will help soothe your scalp. It focuses on moisturizing your scalp and relieving you of itchiness.

7. Hair smoothening

This hair spa treatment, as the name suggests, aims at helping you achieve silky, smooth and frizz-free hair. Hair oils and antioxidants are popularly used to address this hair concern.


Different places offer a variety of hair spa treatments to address a host of other hair concerns. They are not necessarily limited to these. So check out the menu at your salon and talk to the therapist.

Benefits Of Hair Spa

Woman hair lying with hair spa related products

Hair spa is a hair expert-recommended hair care regimen. Our senior product development executive, Abhisikta Hati says, "Hair spa requires a lot of head massage that stimulates the blood circulation in your scalp. The procedure enhances the oxygen supply to your hair follicles. It revitalizes your scalp and improves hair growth."

1. Removes impurities and unclogs scalp pores

Cleansing your scalp is as necessary as the rest of your skin. Clogged pores can contribute to a host of hair issues. Unclogging pores is effective in regenerating hair growth.

2. Improves blood circulation

Apart from being a feel-good factor, the massages help enhance blood flow to your scalp. This brings nutrients to the follicles that makes them firmer and stronger. It can eventually result in voluminous hair as well.

3. Normalizes oil secretion

Similar to the skin, sebaceous glands are present under your scalp which produces a natural oil called sebum. This oil keeps your hair and scalp healthy.

However, sometimes, an overproduction of this oil can result in clogged pores.

If you have a dry scalp, your sebaceous glands are probably not producing the right amount of sebum, which is equally bad. Hair spa treatments aim at regulating sebum production on your scalp to help you achieve healthy and voluminous hair.

4. Moisturizes hair and scalp

Hair spa treatments involve the use of essential oils and moisturizing ingredients to promote a healthy and hydrated scalp. Hair masks are packed with hydrating properties that prevent dryness and frizz.

5. Effective in reducing dandruff

Hair spa treatments aim at balancing the pH levels of your scalp. This is important to promote healthy hair and maintain a healthy scalp. The ingredients used fight dandruff and dandruff-causing microbes as well.

6. Reduces stress

Stress can contribute to hair fall. A good massage always helps to combat stress!

Disadvantages Of Hair Spa

1. It has to be done regularly for results

Hair spa treatments are effective only when done regularly. Getting it done once in a while is as bad as putting on a face mask every six months. They have to become part of your monthly hair care regimen in order to show prolonged results.

2. May appear to be a huge investment

Hair spa treatment prices typically range between Rs. 800 to Rs. 2000. This is not a small amount. However, providing nutrition to your hair is important and is worth the money and effort. In case you can’t afford it, you can always try the home treatment.

3. May fade hair color

If you have coloured your hair, always talk to your hair spa therapist about using color-protecting products to prevent your hair color from fading.

4. Hair spa treatments alone don’t do anything

Your monthly hair spa visits may not be enough to maintain good hair health. Following a good hair care regimen is equally important. Taking precautionary measures to prevent hair damage is important to allow your hair to heal.

Don’ts After A Hair Spa Treatment

  • Avoid using tools that produce too much heat.
  • Avoid tying up your hair too tightly.
  • Wear a hat to protect it from UV damage and other environmental aggressors.
  • Use products that are suited to address your unique hair concerns.

How Long Does A Hair Spa Treatment Effect Last For?

This depends on the products used. A hair spa treatment effectively lasts for about 15-30 days, if you follow the don’ts mentioned above and have a good hair care regimen.

How Many Times A Month Should You Get A Hair Spa Done?

If you travel regularly, getting a hair spa treatment done 2-3 times a month is recommended. Ideally, every 15 days is recommended. However, if you find it too taxing or out of budget, once a month should also prove to be effective in the long run.

When Can You Wash Your Hair After A Hair Spa ?

Your first wash depends on the treatment you have undergone. Talk to your hair spa professional on when you can wash your hair next post treatment. Ideally, you shouldn’t wash for 3-5 days at least.

At What Age Can You Get A Hair Spa Done?

There is no age limit to get a hair spa done. Just make sure the products used are not too harsh for your scalp and hair. Talk to your hair spa professional about whether you can get it done if you’re too young (14 years or below).

Wrapping Up

Hair spa treatments contribute to a healthy scalp and nourished hair. They should be done at least once a month to achieve healthy hair. However, taking care of your hair post treatment is as important as getting it done. Talk to your hair spa professional about what treatment you should undergo.

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