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Bad hair days are a bummer; that's a beauty truth! Roughly rubbing a towel over your hair or styling over wet hair are routines that can damage your scalp and hair.

But, what do you do when you're running late for that important meeting and you're in a hurry to get your hair dry and done? With small tweaks to your routine, you can get out of the door on time. Scroll down to find out.

How To Dry Hair Quickly With A Towel?

It’s almost instinctual to wrap your hair in a towel the moment you step out of the shower. But to properly air dry your hair, aggressively rubbing your wet hair with a towel is not the way.

Wet hair is more likely to break because when wet, hair’s cuticles swell and stretch. At such a fragile state if you’re rough while towel drying, it’s just a recipe for major frizz and breakage.

The right way for an absorbent and smooth approach is to dab and gently squeeze the excess water out so your hair is not dripping wet. Don’t twist your hair tightly to get excess water out. Instead, tie your hair up into a turban and let the towel absorb the rest of the excess water for 10-15 minutes.

SkinKraft Tip:

Never let your hair dry more than 50 to 60 per cent. If your hair gets too dry, you cannot manipulate it.

How To Dry Hair With A Hairdryer?

Women drying hair with hair dryer
  • After a shower, grab the styling product of your choice. Use your fingers and work it through your damp hair from your root to your tip and then brush your hair to distribute the product.
  • Dry your hair in sections while you concentrate the airflow down the hair shaft, on a low heat and speed setting till it feels warm. This ensures your hair doesn’t overheat. Hold the dryer at least 5 inches, or as far back as you can comfortably reach from your head and use a continuous motion to dry.
  • Once your hair is 90% dry, you can turn up the heat.
  • The #1 essential for a great blowout is a great blow dryer. Look for one with multiple air and heat settings. A blast of cool air in the end, makes sure your internal bonds are remade, and it seals the style in place

SkinKraft Tip:

Medium heat is best for pre-drying hair whereas use high heat to manipulate the shape of your hair and set a style.

How To Dry Hair Quickly With A T-shirt?

Would you have ever thought the cure for unruly, frizzy hair is an old T-shirt? Yes, your old gym tee can be the hair-taming revelation you’ve been pleading for.

While regular towels absorb all the moisture from your hair, the grooves can be aggressive on your hair’s cuticle. What you want is to soak up the excess water without stripping the hair of the moisture, which prevents it from turning frizzy.

The flat surface of a cotton t-shirt allows water to sink in while it slides over the hair rather than roughing it up. This method of T-shirt drying is known as ‘plopping.’


Plopping doesn’t usually work super well for those with straight hair. Actually, it’s the best way to care for curly hair because it’s about defining the curls or waves that already exist versus creating new ones.

How To Dry Hair Quickly With Sambrani?

This is how you can dry your hair naturally and fast.

Lighting sambrani is an ancient tradition followed in several Indian households for many years. There was a time when after a hair wash, women lit up sambrani, covered it with a straw basket and let the steam seep out of the pores to dry hair.

Sambrani dries hair faster, and it draws the excess water in the head and face. Thus it’s an excellent treatment for those with sinusitis and colds. A few households sprinkle rose petals on the sambrani which emanates a sweet fragrance that lasts on your hair for days.

Sambrani also disinfects the skin and hair. Also known as benzoin resin, it is the resin of a tree which is dried, powdered and sold. Modern science has found that benzoin has several medicinal properties.

How To Dry Hair Quickly With A Diffuser?

Rather than re-curling your tresses with tongs or spending way too much time straightening out your locks of frizz, the perfect tool to enhance your natural hair is a diffuser.

A diffuser is a fastening for your blow dryer. It throws out air that doesn't disturb the hair's wave/curl pattern or cause frizz when drying. It’s perfect for textures, from corkscrew curls to waves.


A hair dryer works well for straight hair but not curly hair. Similarly a diffuser works well for curly/wavy hair and not straight hair.

For curly hair, the hair clumps together into defined waves or curls and the air force from a hairdryer can ruin this. If you’ve ever blow-dried your hair and landed up with a ball of frizz, you know what we’re talking about.

A diffuser reduces the air velocity from the hairdryer and allows you to dry your hair without disturbing your hair texture. It is ideal for those in a hurry who need to dry their hair safely and quickly. Plus, you can maximise the volume of your waves, and give the illusion of fuller, thicker hair.

Here’s What To Do If You’re New To Diffusing

Woman styling hair with diffuser hair dryer
  • On wet hair (about 75% wet or more - the choice is yours) apply your favourite styling product.
  • Set your dryer on a cool to medium setting. Avoid heat as much as possible to maintain overall hair health.
  • Hang your head upside down or sideways and gently place sections of your hair into the bowl of the diffuser.
  • Move gently around your hair without disturbing the clumping or curl formation.
  • You can diffuse large sections till your hair is about 80 to 90% dry.
  • After your hair is dry, use a light curling cream to give your hair defined curls.
  • For added volume, shake out and fluff the roots. Do not touch your hair.


Some straight hair may not respond to a diffuser. What you can do is braid many sections of your hair and diffuse them. The shape won’t hold if you leave too much moisture so dry up to 90%.

Wrapping Up

Depending on your hair texture, the time you have on your hands and what suits you, you can pick from one of the above methods to dry your hair quickly. Allow your hair to air dry under the fan as much as possible, it’s the best. If you’re prone to frizz, wrap your hair in a towel or T-shirt until you’re ready to tackle the drying process.

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