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What’s the one thing that can ruin your mood within seconds, after looking at a mirror? Yes, pimples can be both irritating and torturous.

We understand that you would want to either get rid of them or hide them. While it is well-known that makeup can hide pimples easily, what can you do to hide a pimple without makeup? Read on to find out!

What Causes Pimples?

A pimple is a small blister-like swelling on your skin. This is caused by over-secretion of sebum oil from your sebaceous glands. It clogs your skin pores which leads to swelling of the skin surface. Pimples mostly occur during puberty, a time when the body goes through significant hormonal changes.

These hormonal changes cause your sebum glands to produce extra sebum oil, which eventually clogs your skin pores. For the same reason, many women get pimples during menstruation and pregnancy. But pimples can arrive at any stage of your life. Usually, it appears on your face, chest, shoulder and back.

Acne vulgaris [1] (a skin condition that clogs your hair follicles), is one of the prime causes of pimples. Many young adults and teenagers go through this condition. But the risk reduces once you cross the age of 25.

Factors That Trigger Pimple Outbreak

1. Not cleansing your skin properly

2. Too much sun exposure

3. Usage of harmful chemical-based products [2]

4. Using harsh soaps on the face

5. Eating junk food

6. Lack of moisturization

7. Not drinking enough water

8. Going to sleep with your makeup on

9. Certain types of medication [3]

10. Stress [4]

What Are The Various Types of Pimples?

A. Whiteheads :

These are skin-toned small blisters that stay under your skin. You can only see the white pus stored inside the blister. Usually, whiteheads appear on the forehead, nose and chin.

B. Blackheads :

These are also small bumps that appear on your T zone, as in forehead, nose and chin. These are black or brown in colour and pores stay open. You can see the dead skin cells and dirt in the open pore.

C. Cystic pimples [5] :

These are the most serious type of pimples and also cause pain. It requires medical help to get rid of these.

D. Papules :

Papules are small and solid bumps on the skin and have a pink appearance.

E. Pustules :

These are fairly visible on your skin’s surface. They are filled with pus and look red in colour.

F. Nodules :

Similar to papules, these are slightly bigger in size. They can cause pain.

photo of young girl with problem skin on pink background

How To Hide Pimples With & Without Makeup?

With Makeup Methods

1. Concealer :

Concealer is one of the most loved make-up items, that helps to hide any irregularities, spots, pimples, and scars on your skin. It can also hide the under-eye dark circles, uneven skin tone and blemishes. You can get concealers from any cosmetic store. Concealers can be liquid, solid or even in powder form.
Choose a product according to your skin type.

Apply the concealer on your finger or use the applicator given with the product. If you get a roll-on concealer or stick concealer, use it by following instructions on the package. Roll-ons should be directly applied on the pimple. For stick concealers, you can dab the tip of your finger on it and apply it on your pimples.

2. Colour Corrector :

Pimples cause skin redness which looks odd, especially on the face. That’s where a colour corrector can help. Even though concealers can hide uneven skin, colour correctors do a better job.

Get a green colour corrector pen to rid off the redness. These pens usually have a pin which makes the task easier. Once you have used the colour corrector, apply some foundation on the area to completely hide the pimple.

Without Makeup Methods

1. Ice Cubes :

One of the simplest yet useful tricks to fade pimples is ice. Ice cubes increase the pressure of your blood vessels and fade the pimple’s appearance for a while.

Take a soft cloth and put some ice cubes in it. Make sure the ice cubes are completely wrapped in the cloth. Apply it on the pimple for a few minutes. It will improve the pimple’s texture for a few hours.

2. Spot Treatment :

Spot treatments are done to camouflage the blemishes on your face. It has pimple fighting ingredients such as salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, topical retinoids etc. Spot treatment reduces the redness caused by the pimple. It also decreases the pain.

Spot treatment can also loosen the closed skin pores and remove the blockage. But this is only suitable for small papules and pustules. It may not give suitable results for nodules and cystic pimples.

3. Moisturizer or Creams :

Moisturizers and creams with tinted texture and flesh-toned colour are available in the market. You can apply this to hide your pimples. This will not only hydrate your skin but also hide pimples under the tinted moisturizer.

4. Acne Patches :

Acne patch is a very easy way to hide pimples. These patches are made with hydrocolloid. You can also use it on small wounds. Hydrocolloid will work as a dressing to the wound. It would suck out the pus stored inside your pimple and improve your skin’s condition.

5. Accessories and hairstyles :

You can make the most of your accessories to hide your pimples. Pimples under your eyebrow or eye region, can be hidden behind sunglasses, if you are going out during daylight. In case, you have pimples on your forehead, bangs on your forehead would save the day.

6. Mask :

Masks are a recent addition to the list. Since the corona virus is making us wear masks whenever we are going out, this naturally helps hide any pimple or acne on the lower portion of your face.

What Complications Occur When You Hide Pimples With Makeup?

Your makeup may sometimes be responsible for your pimples. Many people go through a skin condition called acne cosmetica [6], which means the pimples/acne are triggered due to makeup. If your skin’s acne is due to makeup, then hiding your pimples with makeup can worsen the condition.

Pimple-prone skin tends to be sensitive. You may feel irritation, itching and sometimes a burning sensation. It may worsen your pimple’s condition and lead to new breakouts. However, experts say that you can apply makeup on acne only if you choose products carefully based on your skin type.

Tips To Use Makeup To Hide Pimples

1. Buy Safe Products

Stop using harsh chemical-based makeup that’s causing breakouts in the first place. Buy makeup products that are allergy-tested and non-comedogenic. Check the label for expiry date as well. Expired makeup products are dangerous for the skin.

2. Cleanse Your Face

Use face wash at least twice a day. Exfoliate your facial skin once a week to remove all the dead skin cells. Be gentle while washing and exfoliating. Don’t over-scrub, as it may damage your skin.

3. Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

Use a gentle makeup cleanser to remove all the makeup. Do not miss any area. Give special care for your T zone and eyes. Leaving makeup overnight, will not just cause acne but can also give you fine lines. After removing your makeup, wash your face with a face wash and apply some moisturizer.

4. Clean Your Makeup Tools

Unclean makeup brushes and applicators can be a permanent home for bacteria and germs. Clean the tools after every use. Wash them with warm soapy water and let them dry before you use them again.

Wrapping Up

Pimples are extremely disturbing and painful. While it takes time to completely get rid of them, hiding them is much easier and less time-consuming. We have mentioned many ways you can hide your pimples, but these aren’t permanent solutions.

You need to be careful with your skin to prevent further pimple breakouts. Make a proper skincare routine that suits you and see if your skin condition improves. In case, your problem still stays, consult a dermatologist for advice.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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