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Are you on the quest for pink, supple lips? If you need to reach out to your lip balm frequently to keep your lips moist and hydrated, know that you're not alone.

Dry and chapped lips are a common problem, especially during the harsh winter months. If left untreated, chapped lips can turn dark, may start to flake, and can even bleed. A study [1] showed that a patient with scaly and peeling lips for seven years was successfully treated with glycerin.

If you're looking for an inexpensive, safe, and simple solution to get rid of chapped lips, you can try using glycerin. Read on to learn more.

How Do You Use Glycerin On Your Lips?

Dry and flaky skin on the lips can be annoying. But you can get rid of it easily by applying glycerin regularly.

How Do You Use

1. Take a cotton swab and some pure glycerin

2. Dab the swab in the glycerin

3. Apply gently on your lips before bedtime

4. Repeat this process every night before going to bed

If you want pink lips, apply glycerin on your lips every day. Leave it on for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water.

For treating irritability of the lips, apply glycerin, and leave it on for five minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and pat dry. Within a few days, you will notice how nourished your lips feel.

For treating

What To Mix With Glycerin For Lip Care

1. Glycerin And Lemon For Lips

Glycerin works exceptionally well when mixed with lemon juice. Mix the two and apply it to your lips every night before going to bed. Lemon and glycerin can help treat dry and chapped lips, while also being an effective remedy for lip pigmentation.

2. Glycerin And Rose Water For Lips

Glycerin and rose water, each has its benefits. While rose water has anti-inflammatory properties, glycerin soothes the skin. Glycerin mixed with rose water and a few drops of lime juice reduces dark spots and eliminates dead cells from the lips.

3. Glycerin And Beetroot For Lips

Take a few pieces of beetroot and boil them with glycerin in a double boiler. After boiling for 10-15 minutes, you can see the glycerin's color change to a light pink beetroot color. Turn off the heat and allow it to cool. Drain the liquid in a clean glass container. Dab a cotton ball and apply it to your lips for soft and smooth lips.

4. Glycerin And Sugar For Lips

Glycerin and sugar when combined work as a great scrub. Mix a few drops of glycerin, a drop of lemon juice, and a little sugar in a bowl. Apply the scrub on your lips and gently massage to scrub away dead skin cells and promote the growth of new skin cells.

5. Glycerin And Alum For Lips

If your lips are undefined, then try this home remedy. Take some glycerin and add fine alum powder to make a smooth paste. Apply it over your lips 2-3 times a day to get well-defined lips.

6. Glycerin And Castor Oil For Lips

To exfoliate dead skin on the lips, mix ½ tablespoon of glycerin with ½ tablespoon of castor oil. Additionally, you may also add lemon juice and honey. This works well if you have extremely dry and chapped lips.

Benefits Of Using Glycerin On Lips

1. Softens Lips

As mentioned before, glycerin has a long-lasting moisturizing effect on the lips. Regular glycerin application makes the lips soft and hydrated and helps eliminate dead skin cells.

2. All-Day Moisturizer

Regular application of glycerin helps keep the lips hydrated throughout the day. You won't have to reach out for your lip balm ever so often to fix your pout.

3. Lightens Lips

If you have dark lips due to pigmentation or smoking, glycerin can help revive its natural color. For pink lips, apply glycerin every night before going to bed.

4. Treats Flaky Lips

One of the biggest concerns with flaky lips is bleeding. It's not only uncomfortable but is also painful. The best way to prevent and heal flaky lips is by treating your lips with glycerin regularly.

5. Soothes Irritation

Chapped lips can cause a lot of irritation. Many people end up licking their lips constantly to soothe the irritated skin. However, this only aggravates the problem leading to drier lips. The best remedy to soothe such irritation is by incorporating glycerin into your lip care routine.

6. Promotes Healthy Lips

Regular use of glycerin helps promote your lips' overall health as it stimulates the growth of new skin cells on the lips.


Chapped and flaky lips are not likely to improve in a day. But, the regular application of glycerin will help your lips heal faster.

Safety Tips

Glycerin is generally a harmless, non-toxic compound and is safe to apply on the lips. However, if you are allergic to glycerin, you should avoid using it. If your lips swell up due to an allergic reaction to glycerin, seek your doctor's advice immediately.


Common signs of glycerin allergy include rashes, hives, itching, peeling skin, and blisters. Reach out to your doctor immediately if you notice any of these signs after the application of glycerin.

Wrapping Up

Glycerin is an excellent remedy that offers quick relief for several lip problems such as dryness, peeling, and flaking. Mixing it with other natural ingredients can further enhance its benefits and help you achieve soft, smooth, and supple lips in no time.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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