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Having sensitive skin is one of the most restricting feelings in the world. Why? Because it takes away the freedom of experimenting with different or new products and skin care regimens. If you do dare to experiment, you’ll end up with a bad breakout or a burn, which is never fun. This is a feeling that’s a lot of us are all too familiar with.

While,  other people with combination skin, oily skin, and normal skin get to experiment with new skin products and get to benefit from them, sensitive skin people miss out on this. There’s always a fear of side-effects and thereby, skin damage. “Suitable For All Skin Types” is the biggest no-no.

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But, wait. Not everything about sensitive skin is bad.



So, as someone who has sensitive skin and is working her way through trying different products without getting a chemical burn, I’m learning that there are a few careful ways where one can try different products and not get a reaction. And those careful ways are curated into a regimen.

The degree of sensitivity varies from person to person. However, according to your own comfort and your skin’s condition, you can proceed with the following tips to take care of your skin.



1. The 9-Hour Rule:

Wash your skin only twice a day. 9-10 hours of an interval between each face wash is ideal as your skin will have enough time to regenerate itself in this span.

2. Save Your Skin From Makeup Residue:

If you wear makeup, you have to remove the makeup before going to bed. If you sleep with your makeup on, your skin type has higher chances of getting the pores clogged, which may lead to an allergic reaction or an infection. Make sure that you remove all the makeup (this includes those tricky corners and areas too) to remove the residue of makeup too.

3. The Right Cleanser

Choose a cleanser that’s not too drying. While for some sensitive skin folks, an alcohol-based makeup remover might work and for some, it doesn’t. In this case, you can use cleansing milk or an oil-based cleanser.

4. Look At What’s Drying You Up:

Choose skin products that don’t have too much alcohol content in it. Products that have alcohol tend to make your skin dry faster. Repeated use for a prolonged period may eventually cause a burning sensation or hypersensitivity to the skin.

5. Moisturize:

Moisture for skin is vital. Although your skin has its natural mechanism to produce its own moisture with the lipids and essential oils, the external layer of your skin will still need it. Given how quickly the said moisture is wiped off with the pollution, dust, weather conditions, etc, your skin will need that extra moisture.

6. Face Packs:

Many people with sensitive skin have made peace with face packs and have stopped using them altogether. You don’t need to ditch them. You just need to use the ones that suit sensitive skin. Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) and Rose Water mix is a face pack a lot of sensitive skin people have used in the recent past and benefited from.

7. Look At What You’re Eating:

Having a mere skin care regimen will not do your skin right. If you maintain a very good skincare routine yet you eat processed foods or the food that uses a lot of preservatives, your skincare regimen is basically going in vain, because you will end up breaking out. So, choose fresh foods and specifically, leafy vegetables like kale, basil, broccoli, spinach and such. Sweet potato, carrots, papaya, watermelon and more help provide the needed nutrition to regenerate your skin and maintain it.

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Stay beautiful!

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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