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Never-ending dandruff making you feel less confident? This is a major concern faced by almost every other person. Dandruff weakens your scalp and leads to many other severe scalp issues. Therefore, it needs to be checked at the very beginning. But the question is, how?

Piroctone Olamine [1] is a widely known compound used in many hair care products. In this article, we take a look at how piroctone olamine helps you get rid of dandruff. Read on to learn more.

What Is Piroctone Olamine?

Piroctone Olamine has a petrochemical origin. It is an ethanolamine [2] salt extracted from hydroxamic acid [3] derivative piroctone. Typically, piroctone olamine is an alternative to the commonly used compound zinc pyrithione [4].

Almost everyone faces hair related issues like dandruff, hair loss, slow hair growth, and split ends. Shampoos containing piroctone olamine are effective in treating various kinds of hair problems.

young woman is very upset because of hair loss

Benefits Of Piroctone Olamine

1. Cures Dandruff

Malassezia Globosa [5] is not a friendly fungus found in your scalp. It is the main reason behind scalp issues like dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis [6]. Your scalp becomes irritated and starts shedding tiny flakes. In severe cases, you will notice inflammation, redness, and extremely itchy patches. If you want to prevent your scalp from worsening, it’s essential to control the situation promptly.

Piroctone Olamine has antifungal properties, which will help you control the spread of Malassezia globosa. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo containing piroctone olamine to fight dandruff.

2. Prevents Hair Loss

Regardless of your gender and age, you may face hair fall, mostly caused due to dirt, dust, pollution, dandruff, excessive use of hair styling tools, etc. Dandruff makes your scalp itchy, which leads to constant scratching, redness, and hair follicle damage.

Even though hair fall due to dandruff is not a significant concern but in people with androgenic alopecia [7] (a condition that leads to baldness), Piroctone Olamine is a proven cure for reducing hair fall. As it effectively works on dandruff and fungal infections, naturally, your hair loss decreases over time.

3. Boosts Hair Growth

Piroctone Olamine encourages hair growth in many ways. It reduces hair fall and increases the hair diameter. It is often compared to Ketoconazole, which is a widely used ingredient for dandruff, but Piroctone Olamine provides better results for dandruff and fungal infections.

Piroctone Vs Ketoconazole Vs Zinc Pyrithione

A study [8] by NCBI compared the three ingredients typically found in anti-dandruff shampoos to treat hair shedding and thinning.

The study was conducted among 150 people who had dandruff related androgenic alopecia. These people were divided into three groups, each using different ingredients two to three times every week for six months. The results are as follows:

Piroctone Olamine


Zinc Pyrithione

16.5% of hair fall was reduced among people after using Piroctone Olamine.

Ketoconazole reduced hair fall by 17.3%

Zinc pyrithione managed to lessen the hair loss by 10.1%.

People who used piroctone olamine saw improvement in their hair shaft diameter by 7.7%.

Hair shaft diameter increased by 5.4% among people who used Ketoconazole.

Zinc pyrithione enhanced hair diameter by - 2.2%.

Piroctone olamine decreases sebum production in the scalp.

Sebum oil volume reduces after the usage of Ketoconazole.

There is no such effect of zinc pyrithione on sebum output in the scalp.

Side Effects Of Piroctone Olamine

EWG [9] (Environmental Working Group) has classified piroctone olamine as a non-toxic ingredient. However, anything is harmful when it is overused, and the same goes for piroctone olamine. This is why shampoos with piroctone olamine use a tiny proportion of it to keep any side effects at bay.

Piroctone Olamine is generally safe even for pregnant women, but we suggest taking a gynecologist’s advice before using it.

Wrapping Up

Dandruff can be a real trouble maker and can cost you your precious locks. But piroctone olamine can be a solution for dandruff and other major hair problems. Now that you know the benefits of piroctone olamine, you can opt for hair care products that include it.

SkinKraft Dry Scalp And Anti-Dandruff Shampoo contains piroctone olamine as an active ingredient to fight dandruff and provide intense moisturization.

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