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Hair loss is a common trait when it comes to ageing. But losing hair rapidly during teenage can be frustrating and difficult to manage. Causes like genetic factors, underlying medical issues, or hormonal changes can trigger severe hairfall among teenagers.

Fortunately, with the help of a balanced diet, good quality products and advanced medical treatments, the condition is reversible. Today, let’s focus on the possible reasons that contribute to teenage hair loss and what can be done to treat it.

What Are The Early Signs & Symptoms Of Teenage Hair Loss?

1. Gradually receding hairline

2. Scaling or patches on the scalp

3. Losing more than 100 strands a day

4. Clumps of hair on the pillow when you wake up

5. Sudden loss of hair

6. Bald patches

7. Hair thinning on the temples of your head

8. Hair loss on the frontal scalp

What Are The Causes Of Teenage Hair Loss?

The reasons for hair loss among teenagers can be varied. While some conditions are gender-specific, most of the causes can occur among both boys and girls.

1. Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is a common disorder. One of the main causes of teenage hair loss among males, it usually begins in the teen years. In fact, 25% of male pattern baldness cases are reported below the age of 21. Male pattern baldness starts with a receding hairline and lack of hair on the top of your head. It can be genetic or due to certain medications. But male pattern baldness can be controlled if treated at an early stage. [1]

2. Alopecia Areata

Alopecia areata can be a reason for teenage hair loss. It is an autoimmune disease in which the immune system destroys healthy hair follicles. As a result, the affected person sheds an excessive amount of hair and starts balding. [2]

This can be a cause of hair loss among females as well. In most cases, it starts with small round bald patches on the scalp, which gradually increase. Mostly alopecia areata occurs before the age of 30 or in childhood itself.

3. Trichotillomania

Trichotillomania is a rare mental disorder that causes an urge to pull out your own hair. Usually seen among those who are 9 to 13 years old, it affects not just your scalp hair but also other parts such as eyebrows, eyelashes etc. [3]

Females are more likely to get trichotillomania than boys. The overwhelming need to pull hair out causes hair loss. This is a rare behavioural disorder that creates bald patches on the scalp.

4. Medication

Certain medications contribute to hair loss among boys and girls. Acne, depression, antifungal treatment, blood pressure or any kind of medication for severe infections is known for triggering hair loss. Studies suggest that almost 20% of teenagers who are under medication for acne or depression experience hair loss. In females too, a few medications like birth control pills, or treatment for polycystic ovary syndrome contribute to hair fall.

5. Chemical Treatments

Teenagers tend to experiment with their hair a lot nowadays. They opt for chemical-based styling treatments to make their hair look cool. Bleaching, perming, colouring, smoothening, straightening etc are usually opted for by teenage girls. The side effects of these chemical-based treatments are harsh. It makes hair dry and damages the cuticles. Eventually, the root becomes weak and starts shedding.

6. Hormonal Imbalance

Young girls sometimes suffer from hormonal disorders like polycystic ovarian syndrome, thyroid disease, lupus etc. These conditions often trigger hair fall which may turn into severe hair loss.

7. Malnutrition

Another major reason for teenage hair loss is the lack of healthy food. Most teenagers ignore their daily meals and consume a lot of junk food. But to keep your health intact, proper nutrient-filled meals at the right times are extremely important. If your food lacks nutrients like vitamin A. vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, iron, vitamin D, biotin, folic acid etc., you can face issues like hair loss.

8. Stress

Even though the teenage years of life are great, they can be stressful. Most boys and girls go through an uncertain phase during their teenage years. Physical changes, school or college related worries, or career-related concerns can make them feel stressed. This in turn is a massive trigger point for hair loss.

9. Ringworm

Ringworm causes scaly and itchy patches on your scalp. This is a fungal infection that inflames your skin and leads to scarring. Scarring can cause hair loss. [4]

10. Telogen Effluvium

Telogen effluvium is also a hair loss condition but thankfully it is a temporary disorder. Things like stress, weight loss etc. can cause telogen effluvium. [5]

How Much Hair Loss Is Normal For A Teenager?

A normal person loses a maximum of 100 hair strands per day. But as soon as you reach puberty, there is a chance of experiencing more hair loss. This happens due to hormonal changes in the body.

How To Treat Teenage Hair Loss?

The treatment for teenage hair loss among males and females will largely depend on the causative factors. Consuming a good diet, reducing stress and getting sufficient sleep may help in most cases. Using products that suit your unique hair type can help as well.

However, if the hair loss isn’t showing signs of slowing down and causing you immense worry, then visit your doctor immediately. Based on your symptoms, the doctor would prescribe the right treatment for you. A few treatments that can be suggested include:

1. Platelet-rich Plasma Treatment

Platelet-rich plasma treatment is a safe hair regrowth procedure. It is an effective treatment and easily available. Experts recommend this procedure for a lot of types of hair loss. In this treatment, the professional will separate the platelets from your blood sample and induce protein to restore hair growth. But the minimum age for this procedure is 18 years.

2. Minoxidil

Minoxidil is usually recommended by doctors for both males and females to increase hair growth. The product comes with clear instructions on dosage and usage. But there are a few side effects like scarring and sometimes unwanted hair growth.

3. Reduce Stress

Stress reduction is a wonderful way to control hair fall related to stress. You can choose any form of healthy relaxation like meditation, exercise, enough sleep, cycling, dance etc. Having fun should be your main motive while choosing any activity.

4. Eat A Healthy Diet

Since malnutrition is a major contributing factor to hair loss, add healthy foods that are rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Eat plenty of fruits, and vegetables regularly. This is how your nutrient balance would be perfect and protect the hair from falling out.

5. Hair Growth Supplement

Hair growth supplements can also help with the regeneration of hair. There are many hair growth supplements available in the market but consult with a doctor before taking them.

Wrapping Up

Hair loss in teens can be truly devastating, but as mentioned, early diagnosis can help you reverse the condition. In case of hair loss during your teenage years, it is highly recommended that you consult your doctor without any delay. Early intervention can provide quicker recovery. An expert will suggest a solution and guide you through the entire hair-regrowth process if necessary.

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