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First impressions are always considered as a lasting one. And, our face, is the first thing anyone sees, when someone approaches us. What would anyone’s first impression be if our skin is dull and flaky? Not a great one, I guess. That’s why we want to share the importance of exfoliating your skin with you.

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If you are wondering how much exfoliating your skin would cost you, then don’t worry. There are many homemade recipes, which you can try in the comfort of your home. Yes, it’s that easy, but before we discuss that, lets talk about what exfoliation is and how it helps our skin.

What Is Exfoliation?

It is the best and safest way to improve your skin’s health and visual appearance of your skin. Exfoliation is simple and easy, it all depends on how you choose to take care of your skin, and which technique you apply in your skin care regimen.

Importance Of Exfoliation

Here are a few ways exfoliation works in your skin’s favour:

  • Avoids any skin infections and other skin concerns from developing
  • Eliminates stubborn dead skin cells and flakes from the skin’s surface
  • Helps reveal new skin under the dead skin cells and flakes
  • Gives the skin a natural rosy and dewy glow
  • Enhances your skin’s overall health and natural radiance

Exfoliation For Every Skin Type

Any skin type can choose to exfoliate their skin, but there are various instructions for each, will help you gain the best and long-lasting results

Normal Skin

Anyone with normal skin, can use most of the exfoliating products and gadgets available in the market. Even though, this skin type doesn’t need much work, daily care and exfoliating the skin now and then, will help maintain and secure your skin’s health currently and for the future.

Oily Skin

Anyone with oily and acne-prone skin should avoid over-exfoliating their skin. It is very important to not dry out the skin of its natural oils, lipids, which usually retain the moisture in the skin.

Using scrubbers can end up irritating the skin and any blemishes. You can make your own exfoliator scrub mix using egg white, baking soda & turmeric, and exfoliate your skin yourself.

Dry Skin

Anyone with dry skin type can benefit from gentle- exfoliation, and it can be done when the skin looks and feels dry, dull, and flaky. This will help remove the dead skin cells and also provide hydration for the skin. You can make your own exfoliator scrub mix, by using coconut oil, ground almonds and avocado, and exfoliate your skin.

Sensitive Skin

Anyone with sensitive skin type should avoid using any product with chemicals, and any physical exfoliator( harsh scrubbers ). A gentle or soft exfoliator would cleanse the skin gently, and deliver effective results. You can make your own exfoliator scrub mix, by using aloe vera, oatmeal, and honey, and exfoliate your skin.

Exfoliation Is The Way To Go

Even though exfoliation is easy, you should always opt a method, that is gentle on your skin, keeps your skin tone even, and gives your skin an overall glow. Exfoliating the skin once a week, should definitely keep your skin free of dead skin cells, flakes, blackheads, tan and many other elements, which cloud our skin of its natural radiance.

Following these instructions based on your skin type, will help enhance your skin’s overall health. Now that you know the boon’s of exfoliation your skin, and how you should exfoliate for your skin type. This should give you a heads up on what your skin might be missing out on, without including exfoliation in your skin care regimen.

So don’t think twice, before you exfoliate your skin.

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Let us hear your thoughts, ideas, suggestions in the comments below. 

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