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Have you ever wondered why your hairline looks different from others? Well, just like your skin tone and body type, your hairline too is unique. The variations in your hairline type help to determine your look.

Your hairline type is mostly influenced by your genetics and other factors. However, if you wish to change its appearance, you can resort to a few easy hacks.

In this article, we tell you about the different types of hairlines and how you can alter its appearance.

What Is A Hairline?

In simple words, your hairline is the edge of the region from where your hair starts to grow. It’s usually on your forehead, outlining your hair. Each of us have a unique hairline that is defined by characteristics such as shape, height, hair growth, etc. It plays a vital role in your overall appearance. Not everyone holds the same hairline type throughout their lifetime. Some people experience changes in their hairline structure as they age. Besides, men and women have different hairline types.

The type of hairline you have largely depends on your genetics. Check if you have similarities with your parents’ hairline type. In many cases, children inherit their hairline from their family. Also, your lifestyle routines and hormones can also play a key role in influencing your hairline.

woman with serious hair loss problem

What Are The Different Hairline Types?

Type of Hairline



Low Hairline

Hairline closer to the eyebrows is considered as low hairline. It is mostly noticed in young boys and men who haven’t experienced hair loss yet. Those with a low hairline have dense hair growth.

Women with a low hairline are truly blessed. It makes the forehead appear narrow.

Middle Hairline

Middle hairline is considered to be a normal hairline type. Teenagers or men in their 20’s commonly have this type of hairline.

Hairline from the middle of the forehead is considered to be middle hairline type. Many women have a middle hairline type.

High Hairline

In high hairline type, your hairline starts on the crown of your head. This type of hairline reveals a large forehead.

Many women have a high hairline as a result of genetic inheritance. In some cases, it might be due to hair loss too. It makes your forehead appear broader.

Widow’s Peak [1]

Widow’s peak resembles a V-shaped hairline. This type appears quite prominent.Men experience a widow’s peak hairline after a certain age due to hair loss.

This unique hairline might be inherited. Others may get it due to a genetic disorder called frontonasal dysplasia [2]. This type may become more or less prominent with age.

Receding Hairline

With age, your hairline may slowly start moving upwards, thus revealing your forehead hairline. This is what is meant by receding hairline, also known as male pattern baldness [3].

In such a type, you start losing hair in the corners. Receding hairline might also take a deep ‘M’ shape if it moves away from the temples.

Receding hairline in women is less common. It is rare and depends on genetics, stress, etc. In this type, you can notice that your hair has stopped growing at the temples.

Receding hairline differs from female pattern baldness [4]. Women experience hair loss and overall thinning of their hair as a result of female pattern baldness.


Bell-shaped hairlines are perfectly symmetrical, with no jagged edges. It has a bell shaped curve that complements the shape of your face. People with this hairline type don’t lose volume of hair on the front.

This is one of the beautiful hairlines. It makes your forehead appear longer. Most women with this type of hairline have dense hair. The bell-shaped hairline does not have any uneven lines.

Straight Lined

If your hairline sits smoothly on your forehead, then you have a straight hairline. Men with straight hairlines can do any hairstyle as they don’t have to tame any baby hair.

Women with this hairline type find it easier to comb irrespective of the length of the hair. Also, straight hair lined women do not tend to lose hair in the front part.

Uneven Hairline

As the name suggests, an uneven hairline appears unevenly on your forehead. It makes hairstyling difficult. You may notice that one part of the hairline is higher than the other part.

Uneven hairline type may be seen in women too. Many women tie their hair high up very tightly, which can lead to this kind of hairline structure.

Cowlick Hairline

This type makes your hairline appear messy. It is technically a swirl like hair growth that occurs on the crown of your head and makes the natural shape of the hairline messy. Men with short hair may experience this.

Women also are not spared from cowlicks. Women with cowlicks tend to grow their hair for managing it better.

top view of a men's head with a receding hair line

What Is Considered As A Good Hairline?

Low hairline, middle hairline, straight hairline, bell-shaped hairline are considered to be some of the good types of hairline. These types of hairline do not make your forehead look large or broad. In fact, a straight hairline and a bell-shaped hairline makes it easier for you to achieve any hairstyle you want.

What Is Considered As A Bad Hairline?

A high hairline makes your forehead look a bit broad. With age, a high hairline can lead to baldness. Similarly, a receding hairline may be an early sign of male pattern baldness. A receding hairline can be caused due to your irregular lifestyle habits, improper diet, stress, hormonal disorders, and genetics. Consult your doctor to seek advice on this.

How Can You Protect Your Hairline?

1. Perform Hairline Massage

Remember, in childhood your grandmother or mother used to force you to get a hair oil massage? That’s the way to protect damage caused to your hairline as well as the overall health of your hair. Choose any nourishing oil like castor oil or argan oil and massage it on your hairline to strengthen the edges.

Coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil are some of the good options for hair massage [5]. If you want, you can slightly heat up the oil before applying. Hot oil massage provides great nourishment to your hair. Also, if you are experiencing hair loss, you can use castor oil for hair regrowth.

2. Moisturize Your Hair

Keeping your hair moisturized is important. This will help you seal your hairline and prevent it from damage.

3. Choose Anti-Hairfall Shampoo

Hair loss is a major reason behind the change in your hairline. That’s why you need to protect your hair at all costs. Get yourself a shampoo and conditioner that has anti-hair fall ingredients and strengthens the roots of your hair. If your roots are stronger, you will experience lesser hair fall. Try avoiding chemical-based shampoos and go for natural ingredient products that suit your hair type.

4. Use Hair Mask

Get a keratin-based hydrating hair mask for your hair. If your hair gets sufficient amounts of keratin, it will be healthier and softer than ever. You will get a variety of hair masks that have anti-hair fall and nourishing effects for hair. Treat your hair with a hair mask at least once a week and see the difference in the quality of your hair. You can also make a homemade hair mask using natural ingredients such as shikakai and curd.

5. Healthy Diet

Nutrients that are extremely important for your hair growth are protein, biotin, fatty acids, folic acid etc. Add fruits and vegetables to your diet that have these mentioned nutrients. Eat green leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lentils and meat to fulfil your regular required nutritions. You can also add fish to your diet as it is rich in omega 3. If your diet is not providing you with sufficient nutrients, then take supplements.

6. Don’t Braid The Front Of Your Hair Too Tightly

Tightly tied ponytails can cause damaged hairline. They tend to pull out the weak front hair. Also, try to avoid braiding your front hair.

before and after bald head of a man

How Can You Change Your Hairline?

Yes! If you are not comfortable with your current hairline type, you can change its appearance. However, if you wish to change it, consult your doctor beforehand to determine the options.

Some of the medical and home treatments include:

1. Changing your hair styling technique is the most inexpensive and easy way to change your hairline type. Talk to a hair expert and ask for suggestions on how you can style or cut your hair to get a different hairline look.

2. Laser treatment is another option you choose. You can use laser treatment to boost the hair growth of your hairline area where it lacks.

3. Hair removal with tweezers for a too-low hairline or widow’s peak is suggested. You can use laser hair removal or electrolysis.

4. You can draw your hair with microblading if you are suffering from a receding hairline. It is a professional technique to tattoo hair strands on your scalp. Even if it is not permanent, you are still good to go for 6 to 18 months.

5. If your balding is getting severe, you can get it checked by a doctor to get proper medication to stop balding. Your doctor may suggest Rogaine and Finasteride for preventing receding hairline.

6. Lastly, there is always an option for a hair transplant [6]. It is a professional procedure and will require proper precaution and expertise. The plastic surgeon would give you anaesthesia to proceed with the hair transplant.

Wrapping Up

There are different types of hairline and each of them have unique characteristics. Your hairline is unique and mostly influenced by your genetics, hormones, etc. Your lifestyle practices too have a role to play in determining your unique hairline. Hence, make sure to practice healthy lifestyle habits, take proper care of your hair, and eat a nutritious diet to maintain your hair’s health. Also, if you wish to alter the appearance of your hairline, you can resort to home treatments or easy hacks. But, remember to consult your doctor first before determining any option.

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