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Have you been fascinated by the K-beauty regime? If you’ve been aiming for skin as flawless as the Koreans, let’s reveal one of the biggest secrets of their skin care rituals - double cleansing.

Well, if you’re thinking it’s just washing your face twice, there’s more to it! Loaded with umpteen benefits, the double cleansing technique has caught up with beauty experts across the globe and is the latest route to clean, clear and glowing skin. Know all about this Korean skincare regimen in this article.

What Is Double Cleansing?

Double cleansing is a process of using two different types of cleansers to clean your face. The first wash needs to be with an oil-based cleanser and the second one with a water-based one.

It is usually done in the night to remove all the impurities collected through the day, for a squeaky clean face before hitting the pillow.

How To Do Double Cleansing As Per Your Skin Type?

The method followed is the same for every skin type, but the cleansers you chose should be right for your unique skin type.

The Method:

  • Massage a small quantity of the oil-based cleanser into your skin with your fingers.
  • Use gentle, circular movements and alternate between cheeks, under-eyes, forehead and chin. The massage should last for a minute at least.
  • Midway through the massage, take a little water in your hands and continue massaging.
  • You will know you are doing it correctly if the oil cleanser on your face becomes a milky emulsion.
  • Rinse off with lukewarm water[1] or a washcloth that you have soaked in water.
  • While your skin is still damp after patting dry from the first wash, apply the water-based cleanser; the same quantity as the first one can be used.
  • Repeat the massage in a manner identical to the first.
  • Wash off with lukewarm water and pat your face and neck dry[2].

Most oil-based cleansers contain emulsifiers as ingredients, so they are easy to remove. The oil mixes with the lukewarm water and forms a milky solution.

Choosing The Cleansers:

Cleansers that list sulphates as ingredients should be avoided as they can strip the skin of its natural oils. Also, cleansers with alcohol can irritate the skin and should be avoided.

The pH of the cleanser you buy should be around 5 as that is the pH level of your skin [3].

For Dry Or Sensitive Skin

Look for mild, hypoallergenic formulas that are pH neutral, which don’t dry your skin out. Ingredients that can retain your skin’s moisture like shea butter or jojoba oil in a cleanser are suitable for sensitive or dry skin.

For Normal Skin

You don’t have to look for anything specific, though it is safer to go with moisturising oil-based cleansers followed by a water or foam-based cleanser in cream form.

For Acne-Prone Or Oily Skin

Choose acne-specific products that can control oil production, are not too heavy and contain anti-inflammatory ingredients like glycolic acid and Vitamin E [4]. For oily skin, use light products that will hydrate, even as they remove excess oil and clean your pores.

For Combination Skin

Go for cleansers that don’t dry out the skin, and at the same time regularise your skin’s oil secretion. Your oil-based first cleanser should ideally contain ceramides that help with hydration and the water-based cleanser can be a foaming one to rejuvenate the skin.

What Are The Benefits Of Double Cleansing?

  • By using two cleansers, you give your skin a thorough cleaning.
  • The oil-based cleanser removes remnants of make-up, sunscreen, pollutants and the impurities caused by oil in the skin, such as sebum.
  • After most of these impurities have been washed away by the oil-based cleanser, the water-based one can deep clean by removing dirt and sweat.
  • Using two cleansers can help revitalise dull skin and facilitate better absorption of other skincare products that you use.

When & How Often Do You Need To Double Cleanse?

Usually, double cleansing is best done daily for maximum results. But, if you are short on time, try and do it as often as you can.

Ideally, you should double cleanse at night because your skin can get rid of all the make-up, dirt, pollution, sweat and grime collected during the day.

Any night cream you apply after cleansing can also get absorbed better. Some people believe in doing it twice -- morning and night.

Will Double Cleansing Over-Clean Your Face?

It may over-clean your face and your skin might look drier or get irritated. But, if you use the right cleansers, double cleansing will not dry out your skin. If you feel your skin is getting too dry, do it only once at night.

Depending on your skin type, you can tell if you are over-washing your face. For acne-prone skin, inflammation is a sign you are over-washing.

Who Should Do Double Cleansing?

Ideally, all skin types should do double cleansing. But it is more beneficial for some skin types than others.

If you have oily skin, you might find that two cleansers with mild formulas work better at keeping excess oil at bay than one strong topical product which dries out your skin.

For acne-prone skin, double cleansing helps to get rid of the acne causing bacteria [5].

If your job requires you to wear heavy make-up for long hours, double cleansing is recommended.

Double Cleansing Tips

  • If you believe your skin is not suited to an oil-based cleanser, you can opt for two water-based cleansers and follow the process.
  • You can use a fragrance-free oil-based cleanser to remove eye shadow and other cosmetics you use on your eyes.
  • If you have oily skin, using an oil-based cleanser is actually beneficial. It can remove all the impurities that are caused by the excess production of oil.
  • Oil-based cleansers help to remove sunscreen, which can remain on your skin if it is not properly washed off.
  • Oil-based cleansers are effective in cleaning all skin types because they don’t contain harsh chemicals which strip the skin of its natural moisture, ceramides and lipids that give your skin a youthful appearance.

Wrapping Up

Double cleansing is an effective way to remove hidden dirt and impurities lurking in your skin. Washing your face with two different types of cleansers -- an oil-based and a water-based one -- can revive dull skin and enhance absorption of other products. If you’re someone who wears heavy make-up and remains outdoors for very long, you should definitely try double cleansing to see the difference.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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