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Dry hair among women is a much discussed and analyzed subject. But men often get confused on what the probable causes for their dry hair could be.

While a few changes in your hair care routine would help you get rid of the dryness, dry hair may also indicate some serious underlying disease. This is why it is essential to know why men have dry hair and what you can do to treat it.

Read on to know about the probable causes and what you can do about dry hair.

Why Do Some Men Have Extremely Dry Hair?

1. Less Sebum Oil Production

Just like the rest of your body, the skin on your scalp also produces sebum oil. This helps to keep your scalp and hair moisturized as well as hydrated. Since your hair does not produce any kind of natural oil, it is dependent on your scalp for the sebum oil. When your scalp fails to produce a sufficient amount of oil, your hair feels dry and dull.

2. Excessive Sun Exposure

Men who have outdoor jobs are more likely to get dry hair. Sun rays damage the cuticle of your hair. The cuticle is your hair’s natural protection mechanism and helps to lock the moisture in your hair. But once your cuticle is affected, your hair becomes prone to dryness, dullness and breakage. [1]

man taking shower and holding shampoo bottle in hand

3. Over Shampooing

Many men assume that the more they shampoo, the cleaner their hair would become. While it is a fact that shampoo cleans your hair and scalp thoroughly and removes all the dirt, dust and pollutants, excessive shampooing can strip off the natural oils from your scalp. Severe damage is especially evident in men who have curly or coarse hair and shampoo too much.

4. Heating Tools

Heating tools such as hair dryers and hair stylers are extremely harmful to your hair’s health. Since these tools use heat to give your hair a new shape or style, they can damage your cuticles. As a result, the smooth coating of your hair becomes brittle and dull. [2]

5. Hair Wash With Hot Water

Hot water has the same effect on your hair as a heating tool. The heat damages your cuticles and makes your hair vulnerable. You will experience dryness and hair fall if you have a habit of using hot water for hair wash. Cold or slightly warm water is a safer option.

6. Harsh Products

Today, there is a wide variety of hair care products available, that specifically cater to men. But many products contain harsh chemicals such as paraben, sulfate, silicon, propanol propyl alcohol etc. Most shampoos consist of sulfate, as this is an extremely efficient cleansing agent. But sulfate strips off the natural sebum oil from your scalp and your hair turns dry. [3]

7. Hair Dye

This is another reason behind brittle and dry hair. Coloured hair needs a lot more attention and care than virgin hair. The bleaching agent used in a hair dye breaks apart the protein structure of your hair and causes damage. [4]

8. Thyroid Issues

The thyroid gland serves various purposes in the body. Apart from controlling your metabolism, it also influences the stem cells in your hair follicles and boosts your hair growth. [5] So, if you have hypothyroidism, it can affect your hair growth and make your hair dry.

9. Chlorinated Water

If you use chlorinated water on a regular basis to wash your hair, in the long term, it may make your hair dry and dull. The level of chlorine in swimming pools may be impacting your hair as well. Minimizing the usage of chlorine water or protecting your hair while going for a swim, can help.

hairdresser doing head massage to customer

How To Treat Dry Hair In Men?

1. Limit Your Shampoo Sessions

As excessive shampoo can make your hair dry, try to limit the usage. Shampooing twice a week should be sufficient. If it is necessary for you to shampoo your hair every day, then go for a mild shampoo and conditioner. You can also opt for dry shampoo or leave-in shampoo for regular use.

2. Choose The Right Product

Do not use products that are not meant for men’s hair. Many men do not spend time buying their hair care products and often use whatever the ladies of the house are using. Get hair care products that suit your hair type, are meant for men and are chemical-free.

3. Stop Using Blow-Dry

Since blow-dry won’t do any good for your hair, it is better to avoid it. Towel dry your hair every time you wash. If you have short hair, towel drying is the best option. In case you are growing your hair and towel drying seems inconvenient, you can use a blow-dry. But make sure that you do not make it a regular habit.

4. Oil Massage

Be it dry skin or dry hair, oil is a saviour. Get yourself an oil massage a night before you have planned to shampoo. Choose any carrier oil such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, argan oil to massage your scalp and moisturize your hair. [6]

5. Use Cold Water

Prolonged usage of hot water will damage your hair in a lot of ways. Instead, use cold water whenever you wash your hair. Cold water will help you lock the moisture in your hair.

6. Deep Conditioning

If your hair dryness is severe and the hair is going frizzier day by day, you may want to go for a deep conditioning treatment. Buy a deep conditioning shampoo and conditioner for your hair and use them properly. You may also want to get yourself a conditioning hair mask to further add some nourishment to your hair.

What Happens If You Do Not Treat Dry Hair In Men?

1. If not treated, your dry hair would be even more damaged and prone to breakage.

2. You may face an extreme amount of hair fall.

3. Dryness would lead to dandruff and other severe infections like Seborrheic Dermatitis.

4. You will experience itchy dry patches on your scalp.

5. Due to itchiness, you may also notice scalp inflammation.

6. If you do not treat your dry hair while you still can, hair loss may make you bald.

7. Also, hair dryness can be a sign of an underlying health condition. If not paid attention, it may lead to something serious.

Tips To Prevent Dry Hair In Men

  • Consult your nutritionist, and follow a proper diet routine. A good diet must include zinc, folic acid and biotin, which will support your hair growth.
  • Add protein supplements to your hair care routine.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol if you want good health and moisturized hair.
  • Try freehand exercises for the betterment of blood circulation in your body. If the blood flow reaches your scalp without any difficulties, your hair’s health would improve too.
  • Use a boar bristle hairbrush to comb your hair.

Wrapping Up

Dry hair is not a new thing among men but handling it may be difficult for many. Building a proper hair care routine can be a perfect solution to deal with your dry hair. Limited shampooing, avoiding harsh chemical-based products, and deep conditioning your hair are a few steps that can help. A little care can nip the problem in the bud, giving you thick, soft and moisturized hair!

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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