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Who doesn’t want to get glowing skin? We all try to do our best to make our skin look good. But have you ever wondered why it appears darker and dull despite putting in such conscious efforts?

Darkening of your facial skin can result from different sources. But the best part is you can prevent them with simple home remedies and treatments.

Scroll down to find out what causes darkening of your facial skin and how you can treat it.

Why Is Your Face Darker Than Your Body?

1. Sun Exposure

Face is the most exposed part of the body. Naturally, direct sun rays reflect it when you are out in the sun. Harmful UV rays stimulate melanin production in your skin. More the melanin your skin produces, the darker it gets. It is one of the major reasons your facial skin is darker than the rest of the body part. [1] Also, sunlight can create age spots or sun spots on your face which can lead to hyperpigmentation. [2]

2. Inflammation

Inflammation of your facial skin can cause discolouration. It can happen due to many reasons such as acne, lupus [3] (an autoimmune disorder), eczema or even an injury. These types of skin conditions cause skin inflammation and once the inflammation reduces, you may notice hyperpigmented skin.

3. Melasma

Melasma [4] is a skin disorder that occurs either due to hormonal changes or extreme sun exposure. Pregnant women mostly experience this skin disorder. Grey-brown patches appear on your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Your facial skin tone becomes uneven and dull.

4. Medications

Few medications can directly cause hyperpigmentation in your facial skin. Certain medications like tricyclic antidepressants and antimalarial drugs can give you discoloured skin tone. Your skin may also look a bit grey in tone.

5. Medical Conditions

There are many mild and serious medical conditions that can trigger hyperpigmentation issues on your facial skin. For example - Addison’s disease affects your adrenal glands and can eventually lead to discolouration of your lips and cheeks.

6. Harmful Cosmetic Products

Your face endures a lot when you put cosmetic make up products which contain harmful chemicals in them. These chemicals can cause your skin serious damage like dry patches, age spots, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Some cosmetic products even cause acne outbreaks, making your skin more discoloured.

7. Age

It is true that your melanin-producing cells, melanocytes, decrease with age. But existing melanocytes increase in size and their dispersal becomes more centralized. That’s the reason you may notice age spots after you reach your 40’s.

What To Do When Your Face Is Darker Than Your Body?

1. Treatment Options 

a. Retinoids

Retinoids [5] can be used to treat many skin issues starting from acne to ageing signs. It helps to reduce your age spots or any kind of dark spots on your skin. Once the dark spots are reduced, it naturally evens out your facial skin tone. 

b. Hydroquinone

It is a known skin-lightening agent used in many medicated creams, skin-lightening products, cleansers and even moisturizers. [6] When applied to the darkened skin, it regulates melanin production of your skin and lightens your skin tone.

c. Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid peels off the outer layer of your skin and allows fresh skin to be regenerated. It’s a popular solution for skin lightening.

c. Kojic Acid

Kojic acid is also used in many forms to lighten the skin tone. You will get creams, gels and lotions that contain kojic acid. It can be used to treat skin issues like melasma, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. 

d. Glycolic Acid

It works to exfoliate your skin by removing dead skin cells from your face. Glycolic acid lightens your skin tone as well. But it is recommended not to use glycolic acid if you are taking topical medicines. 

e. Alpha Hydroxy Acids

These are naturally found acids that can treat skin issues like acne, wrinkles, age spots and sunspots. AHAs even minimise discolouration of your skin. 

g. Laser Treatments

Laser therapy can speed up the procedure of removing the outer layer of your skin to even out your skin tone all over the face. It is an expensive procedure compared to the other options mentioned above.

natural homemade fruit facial masks and cat

2. Home Remedies

a. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera plant has an active ingredient called aloin. Aloin and other ingredients offer soothing and skin-lightening benefits. Aloe vera is often used to treat pigmentation issues.

How to use

1. You can use aloe vera extract on your face every day for 15 minutes and then wash it off with water.

2. Also, you can make a mask with 2 tablespoons of aloe vera extracts and a few drops of honey.

3. Apply the mask all over your face and keep it for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it with lukewarm water.

b. Vitamin C

Vitamin C [7] can solve major skin issues, including skin darkening. Fruits like oranges, lemon, mandarins are enriched with Vitamin C and consuming them can be helpful for your skin and your overall health too. You can opt for over-the-counter creams that have Vitamin C. Lemon juice can also be your go-to solution for treating darkened skin tone.

How to use

1. You can mix lemon juice and sugar and use it as a face scrub.

2. You can also mix lemon juice and honey and apply it on your face for 10 minutes.

3. Be gentle while applying the mixture on your face. Make sure you wash your face thoroughly afterwards.

c. Yogurt

Yogurt is extremely beneficial for your skin and hair. It has lactic acid that reduces dark spots and discolouration of your skin. You can use a yogurt face mask if your facial skin is darker than the rest of your body.

How to use

1. Take one tablespoons of yogurt and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. You can also add turmeric if you want.

2. Combine them well and apply it on your face.

3. Keep the mask for 15 minutes and then wash it off.

d. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is also considered to be effective on treating darkened skin. It also minimizes the appearance of any scar or spot from your face. You can use it regularly to see results.

How to use

1. Take diluted tea tree oil on a cotton ball.

2. Dab it on your dark spot and blemishes or all over the face.

3. Let your skin soak the oil completely and then apply your choice of moisturizer.

e. Orange Peel

Orange peel [8] has an active ingredient called hesperidin. Studies suggest that hesperidin works great to lighten spots and scars.

How to use

1. Get dry orange peel powder and mix it with water.

2. Apply the paste on your face like a mask.

3. Let it dry and peel it off.

4. Do not use it more than once a day.

How To Prevent Your Face From Getting Dark?

1. Sunscreen is an ultimate saviour from sun damage. Whenever you go out in sunlight do not forget to apply sunscreen on your face.

2. Try to wear a scarf or sunglasses while going outside. It will not only protect your skin from harmful sun rays, but also avoid dust and pollutants sticking to your face.

3. Check the ingredients of your cosmetics before purchasing them. Do not buy any product that has harsh chemicals. You can try using Skinkraft’s Skin Lightening Serum that works great to control skin darkening. It also prevents signs of aging and fights against free radicals.

4. Always remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Leaving make up all night can cause your skin several damages.

5. Make sure you know your skin before using any product or building a daily skincare routine. This can automatically prevent many unwanted skin issues.

Wrapping Up

The skin on your face may get darkened from the rest of your body owing to overexposure to sun rays or medical conditions, in some cases. However, it’s not a serious issue and can be easily resolved with simple skin care tricks, home remedies, and medications. Besides, make it a point to practice healthy lifestyle habits, eat well, and stay hydrated to maintain healthy skin. If you don’t see much improvement with the different treatment options mentioned above, make sure to consult your dermatologist to seek advice.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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