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Are you someone who prefers to have your hair cut every few weeks? Or are you the one who lets your hair grow out? When it comes to getting a haircut, most of us struggle to decide what the right time is.

Well, the frequency of your hair cut largely depends on your hair type, texture, and length. So, you must know the thumb rules to determine the right time for trimming your hair.

Scroll down to know how often you should be trimming your hair.

What Are The Factors To Check Before Going For A Haircut?

1. Hair Texture And Style

Before you decide to go for a haircut, you need to choose a hairstyle that you want to flaunt with your new look. Your choice of hairstyle largely depends on the texture of your hair. Not every style goes well with every hair texture. Therefore, it’s important to do a little bit of research on which hairstyle suits best to your hair texture. For example, if you have long and straight hair, a layer cut looks great.

2. Daily Routine

Few of the haircuts may look gorgeous on you but might be difficult to maintain, especially if you have a hectic schedule. In such cases, choose comfort over style. Get a haircut that is easy to maintain and styling it doesn’t interfere with your daily work.

3. Hair Growth

Human hair growth happens in phases. [1] Hair growth on your head can last for several years. Basically, as long as you have new hair cells growing in your head, you will see your hair growing. When your growth phase ends, your hair gradually gets separated from your skin and falls out. Then the growth process again starts from the empty hair follicle. Many of you may experience faster hair growth than others. If you have slow hair growth, you may want to reconsider your decision about having a haircut.

4. Hair’s Health

The most important thing to consider before a haircut is your hair’s current condition. If your hair is screaming for a trim, you need to get it done. Split-ends, shapeless locks are the signs that you need a haircut.

5. Hair Colour

Hair colour is another factor to consider before you get a haircut. Many of you do highlights or streaks on your hair and might want to continue keeping it. A wrong haircut can ruin your entire hair highlight look. Hence, it is better to discuss with your hairstylist about a suitable haircut that would help you keep your highlights intact. Also, coloured hair can be damaged at the ends [2], so chopping off the ends at times is necessary.

6. Expectation

Many of you will want to replicate the type of haircut your celebrity idol has. But, in some instances, the reality might hurt your desires. As mentioned before, not every haircut is suitable for your hair texture. A haircut that looks great on a celebrity may turn out to be unsuitable for your hair type and can even harm your hair’s health. Experts advise to go for a haircut that allows your hair to grow and flourish. Also, keep your expectation level close to reality. Celebrities usually go for costly hair treatments and provide plenty of efforts to make their hair look great. If your daily schedule does not allow you to put so much effort on your hair, then it’s better to go for low maintenance.

7. Determine The Need Of Getting A Haircut

Many people regret getting a haircut and desperately want their hair to grow back. So before anything, first ask yourself if you really want a haircut. Because once it’s done, you can’t grow back your hair instantly.

care for different types of hair and hair color

How Often Should You Cut Your Hair?

Hair Length/Width/Type



Short Hair

Men with short hair and styles should get a haircut or trim their hair every month

Women who want to keep their hair length short can trim their hair every month. If you wish to grow your hair a little longer, you can stretch the time span to 6 weeks

Medium Hair

For medium length hair, hair experts recommend a haircut every 1 to 2 months

If you have medium length hair, trim it every 6 to 8 weeks. Also, if you want to grow your hair longer than your previous length, you can wait till 12 weeks

Long Hair

If you have long hair, you can trim it every 3 to 6 months

The recommended time for trimming long hair is every 3 to 6 months

Thick Hair

Men who have thick hair can take a longer break as compared to men who have other hair types. You can take your time according to the choice of hair length you wish to have

If you have a thick hair type and wish to have long and thick locks, you can take a break from a haircut upto 6 months

Thin Hair

Thin hair requires a lot of attention. You may not want to delay your haircut if you have really thin hair. Follow the haircut schedule time according to your hair length

Thin hair looks shabby if not trimmed and taken care of. If you have thin and long hair, go for hair trimming every 4 to 6 weeks just to keep the shape intact

Fine Hair

Fine hair needs to be trimmed almost every month, especially for those with short hair. If you want a longer length, you can extend it

Fine hair tends to show the shape more prominently than other hair types. It is better to trim your fine hair every 4 to 6 weeks

Coarse Hair

Coarse hair is very similar to thick hair. You can wait longer to get a haircut if you have coarse hair

With coarse hair, you can make your haircut appointments every 6 to 8 weeks

Straight Hair

Men are recommended to trim their short straight hair every month. If you have long/medium straight hair then you may stretch it to 2-3 months

Women are recommended to get a haircut every 10 to 12 weeks

Curly Hair

Curly hair takes a longer time to look long, so you may extend the time a bit

For women with curly hair, you can trim your hair every 6 months

How Much Hair Should You Cut Off For A Trim?

Trimming your hair from quarter to half an inch is ideal. However, depending on your hair condition or breakage, you may trim your hair a little more than usual.

10 Warning Signs To Know When It’s Time For A Haircut

1. If you are experiencing split ends. Coarse hair people tend to experience more split-ends. [3]

2. If your hair tips are thinner than the root when you tie a braid.

3. Your hair tips are extremely dry.

4. Your hair roots are excessive oily.

5. Your hair gets tangled every now and then.

6. You are not able to style your hair in any way.

7. Your hair has lost its bounce.

8. If your hair feels heavy for your scalp.

9. If your hair has lost shape.

10. If your hair looks dull and lacks volume.

How Often Should You Get A Haircut If You Have Bangs?

People with bangs are required to trim it down every two weeks to keep proper shape and size. Delaying the trimming would lead to uncomfortable hair strands on your forehead. You may not want the hair-in-eyes look.

Wrapping Up

Getting a haircut done is as important as maintaining a regular hair care routine. But it’s the frequency of your haircut that matters a lot. And to completely understand how this frequency works, first you need to know your hair well. It will help you recognize the signs and symptoms that tell you whether it’s the right time to give your hair a trim. Invest significant time and care to maintain your precious locks and they will enhance your appearance like never before!

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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