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Is your curly hair getting unnecessarily dry? Most people with curly hair are greeted with unwanted hair dryness at least once in their lifetime.

Multiple factors contribute to damaging your curls, which often tend to become dry. But you can control the damage and dryness by following a few simple steps. Read on to know all about managing your dry-curly hair.

5 Signs That You Have Dry-Curly Hair

Dry curly hair can present itself in various ways. A few warning signs which indicate that your curly hair is becoming dry are as below:

1. Split Ends :

Split ends may not look much of a big deal at the start. But it is a warning sign of damaged dry hair. Extreme dryness causes split-ends and not treating them on time, may lead to bigger issues.

2. Frizzy Hair :

A little frizz is normal with curly hair but if the frizziness does not go even after washing and conditioning your hair, then it can be a problem.

3. Dull Hair :

Your scalp produces sebum oil to keep your hair moisturized. When there is less sebum production, your scalp can become dry, naturally, making your hair look dull.

4. Roughness :

A sign of unhealthy damaged hair is roughness. If your hair is healthy, it should feel soft and smooth.

5. Tangled Hair :

If your curls get tangled very often, it may be because your hair has gone extremely dry.

Why Does Your Curly Hair Feel Dry?

Curly hair is generally thick in density, and so it needs more attention. Many factors can lead to damaged curls. Damage to your hair can be caused by:

1. Excessive Shampoo :

Washing your hair with shampoo cleans the dirt and pollutants from your scalp. But shampooing every day may interrupt the process of natural oil production in your scalp. If the sebum oil production decreases, it will make your scalp and hair dry and dull.

curly hair girl looking at equipment

2. Overuse Of Styling Tools :

Many people use styling tools like a hair straightener, to manage curly hair. But using these regularly, can damage your curls. These tools heat your hair to mould it into a new shape. The heating makes your hair extremely dry and breakage-prone.

3. Less Sebum Production :

The major reason for dry hair is less sebum production and it can happen due to various reasons. While using too much shampoo is one of the reasons, certain medications can also reduce the sebum production of your body.

4. Chemical-based Products :

Due to extremely busy lifestyles, most of you may not get time to choose the right product for your hair. Using wrong products that are filled with harmful chemicals will not suit your hair type. Using these products makes your hair dry, dull and damaged. [1]

5. Hair Bleach :

If you have bleached your hair without taking the required amount of precaution, then it can adversely impact your hair. Bleach is potent enough to make hair dry and rough. It can also lead to hair fall. [2]

6. Sun Exposure :

Overexposure to the sun can cause severe damage to hair. It destroys the outer layer of the hair shaft and makes hair dull and extremely brittle. [3]

How Do You Treat Dry-Curly Hair?

1. Understand Your Hair :

Just like your skin, your hair also needs to be understood. Know your hair texture, type and characteristics to understand your hair’s requirement. Then, it becomes easy to address the particular problem and get the right product that will suit your hair.

2. Choose Chemical-Free Products :

Most shampoos contain sulfate as the cleaning agent. It works great to clean off the dead skin cells, dirt and oil from your scalp. But sulfate also strips off the natural oil from your scalp. That’s why you need to use a shampoo that is free of harsh chemicals.

3. A Hair Care Routine :

Irrespective of the condition your hair is currently in, it does need a hair-care routine. To treat your dry-curly hair, make a routine that includes all the cleaning, moisturizing and conditioning steps and follow them thoroughly. Remember, your dry hair needs hydration and that should be your focus while outlining the routine.

woman washing her hair with the pure coconut milk

4. Deep Conditioning :

Dry hair requires a lot of moisturization to get rid of the dullness. Thus, you need to condition your hair after a hair wash. Use a deep conditioning mask which can either be purchased or made at home. These masks will condition your hair and provide a huge amount of nourishment.

5. Oil Massage :

Oil massage was, is and will continue to be a solution for a wide range of hair issues. It stimulates the blood flow to your scalp, makes the hair roots stronger and moisturizes your hair thoroughly. You can go for coconut oil, sunflower oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil or any other carrier oil you like, to massage your hair. A hair oil massage at night just before going to bed, can be quite effective. [4]

How Do You Hydrate Dry-Curly Hair?

1. Massage your hair with hot oil at night before going to bed and leave it overnight.

2. Use a deep conditioning hair mask at least once or twice a week if you have dry-curly hair.

3. Use hair serums or leave-in conditioners to keep your hair hydrated.

4. Wash your hair with rice water starch. Rice water contains inositol [5] which can hydrate your hair follicles.

5. Make a homemade spritzer to keep your hair hydrated. Mix some aloe vera and rose water and spray it on your hair every day.

Dos & Don'ts For Dry-Curly Hair

Dos :

1. Increase your regular water intake.

2. Towel dry your hair instead of using a heating tool.

3. Brush your hair gently, to avoid causing breakage.

4. Do an oil massage at least twice a week.

5. Cover your hair with a scarf when you are going out in the sun or going to sleep. Sun exposure and friction with the pillow can both cause hair dryness.

6. Get your hair trimmed from time to time to avoid split ends.

Don’ts :

1. Do not over-wash your hair.

2. Try not to use heating tools on your hair.

3. Do not comb wet hair.

4. Do not use chemical-based hair products.

5. Do not colour or bleach your hair if you have already damaged hair. It will make your hair even drier.

Wrapping Up

Amidst a busy lifestyle and focus on extrinsic beauty, one forgets to take care of one’s health. This is true for hair as well. Over-heating, styling, and chemical products ruin your precious locks even before you know it. For those with curly hair, focusing on hair health is of vital importance. Follow the dos and don’ts and if the dryness continues, do take the help of a hair care expert.

Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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