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Are you looking for a treatment to stop hair loss? Well, if excessive hair loss is your concern, then mesotherapy is currently creating a buzz, as it promises to control all your hair woes and promote healthy hair growth.

However, mesotherapy is an expensive professional treatment. Therefore, it is essential to understand the nitty-gritty of this procedure before actually pursuing it. In this article, we bring you an extensive discussion on mesotherapy and its effectiveness on hair loss. Scroll down to read more!

What Is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical, painless and fast procedure to regrow hair. The expert will inject a vial of medication into your scalp for hair restoration and revitalization. The injection contains vitamins, plant extracts and hormones to rejuvenate hair follicles and strengthen the roots of your hair. Biotin, minoxidil,dexenol, finasteride, organic silicium, and nano peptides are some of the major ingredients used in mesotherapy medication.

This procedure is also known as mesoplasty or mesohair. The injection is pushed into the epidermis on your scalp, and slowly the medication enters the deeper layers through the connective tissues. Mesotherapy restores the health of your hair by improving the microcirculation in the scalp. The nutrient injected into your scalp helps to reduce the shrinking of hair follicles and boost hair growth. [1]

This procedure was first introduced by French doctor Michel Pistor in 1958. It was named Mesotherapy in 1976 to explain the treatment of mesoderm. In the initial years, it was used only to reduce pain. In later years, it was used for other purposes like fat reduction, removing fine lines, skin tightening, hair growth etc.

How Effective Is Mesotherapy For Hair Loss?

The objective behind this treatment is based on the fact that most hair loss issues are related to hormonal imbalances. Other factors like lack of nutrients, stress, reduced blood circulation around your hair follicles contribute to hair loss. In mesotherapy, the injected formula stimulates the mesoderm layer of your scalp and initiates hair rejuvenation.

Mesotherapy is known to reduce certain scalp conditions that trigger hair loss such as alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia, and stress alopecia.It improves your blood circulation and boosts the growth of hair follicles, which adds up the volume to your hair. Also, mesotherapy nullifies the DHT hormone and controls male pattern baldness.

This procedure is globally appreciated and recommended by reputed hair experts. Most hair experts suggest that mesotherapy has a 90% to 92% success rate for regeneration of hair. But a study on mesotherapy treatment for skin rejuvenation conducted in 2012, did not show the expected result.[2] However, there is not enough scientific research to either accept or decline the effectiveness of this therapy.

What Is The Procedure Of Mesotherapy?

Two types of mesotherapy are available for hair loss. These are chemical mesotherapy and mechanical mesotherapy. But in both cases, multiple sessions are required to get visible results and each time at least 10- 30 minutes depending on your hair condition.

1. Chemical Mesotherapy

Chemical mesotherapy formula consists of using ingredients like finasteride, buflomedil, minoxidil, biotin and organic silicium. When the medication is injected, it influences the blood circulation to your hair follicle. Chemical mesotherapy improves collagen production to stimulate hair growth.

2. Mechanical Mesotherapy

In this process, the hair expert would create micro-perforations on the bald patches of your scalp. It will incite collagen and elastin production that helps to formulate new healthy hair cells.

Tips For Mesotherapy Treatment

1. Before Mesotherapy

1. Consult with your doctor beforehand to know how to prepare yourself for the procedure.

2. Avoid taking aspirin or any nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for one week before you go for the procedure.

After Mesotherapy

1. Since this method boosts the nutrients your hair follicles lack, maintaining a healthy diet after the procedure is essential.

2. Avoid junk food as much as possible.

3. Improve your water intake.

4. Indulge in physical activities like exercise and yoga for fitness.

What Are The Side Effects Of Mesotherapy?

Not many people have complained about any severe side effects after mesotherapy. Especially if you go to a reputed clinic, there is a very low chance of side effects. But mild side effects like nausea, bumps around the injected area, swelling, and itching are common.

In very rare cases, mesotherapy is associated with severe side effects. Researchers conducted a study on mesotherapy for alopecia. The study established that hair loss occurred in three patients after taking mesotherapy sessions for a year. [3] Another research stated that few patients developed patchy alopecia after getting mesotherapy treatment.[4]

How Long Do Mesotherapy Results Last?

The duration of the result mostly depends on the individual’s hair condition and health status. To get a prominent result that lasts for a while, you need to get the therapy once a week for at least four months. Usually, eight sessions are conducted for mesotherapy and you may notice visible changes after the 5th session.

Who Should Not Go For Mesotherapy Treatment?

1. People with diabetes, liver or kidney issues should not go for mesotherapy.

2. If you have a history of a cardiac issue or are currently suffering from them.

3. Pregnant ladies or lactating mothers.

4. If you are taking anticoagulants medication.

5. People suffering from an infection or lesion on the scalp.

Mesotherapy Vs PRP For Hair


PRP (Platelet-Rich-Plasma)[5]

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical process where the hair expert injects a formula enriched with vitamins, hormones and other nutrients into your scalp. It stimulates the mesoderm layer and promotes hair growth.

In PRP, your blood sample is collected from your body and then processed to induce hair growth. Later, through micro-needling, the plasma rich blood is again injected into your scalp.

Mesotherapy is a safe, simple and painless method. It takes around 30 minutes for each session.

PRP is also a safe, easy and little painful procedure. It takes a maximum of one hour for the procedure to get completed.

Mesotherapy does not need much preparation time or anaesthesia. The injection is directly applied to the scalp.

PRP requires local anaesthesia to reduce the pain caused by the micro-needling.

Mesotherapy is comparatively less costly.

PRP is expensive but effective.

Wrapping Up

Being a non-surgical and painless procedure, mesotherapy has earned a decent amount of popularity over the years for boosting hair growth. The lack of scientific evidence to support the effectiveness did not ruin the reputation of the procedure. But we highly recommend seeking an expert opinion before going for mesotherapy to treat your hair loss. Also, keep a mental note of the mild side effects associated with the procedure.

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