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Do you want to avoid sun-damaged hair this summer? Well, the scorching sun can damage your hair strands, just like it affects the skin.

Planning well ahead of summers and the right hair care precautions can help in protecting your precious mane from the harsh heat. Read on to learn some important tips and tricks to care for your hair in the summers.

What Does Hot Weather Do To Your Hair?

The hot weather and sun’s UV rays can damage the outermost layer of your hair - the cuticle. The cuticle tends to become rough and can swell up to attract humidity. This causes frizz in the hair. Frizzy hair is dry, unmanageable and prone to breakage. The excess moisture and sweat can also cause your hair to fall flat and lose its volume in the summer.

How To Keep Your Hair Healthy This Summer?

1. Use Hats And Scarfs

Sun can dry out your hair. Wear a hat to protect your hair from sun damage. You can choose from wide-brimmed hats to denim caps and canvas hats. To provide an extra layer of barrier, try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before you put on the hat.

If you are someone who gets suffocated with hats, try a scarf or headwraps. This way you'll be able to offer full protection to your hair. Besides, scarfs can add a fun element to your outfit.

2. Apply UV Protection

Hair care products today come with ingredients that are effective against the harmful ultraviolet radiation (UV rays). But the disadvantage with shampoos containing UV protection is that they are filled with toxic chemicals. Hair care experts at SkinKraft advise that you run your hands gently through your hair after you've applied sunscreen to your face or hands.

3. Tweak The Hair Washing Routine

Summer calls for heat and humidity. You may be tempted to wash your hair very often. But, beware of the fact that excessive shampooing can dry out your hair further by stripping off your scalp’s natural oils. You can stick to washing with conditioning cleansers 2-3 times in the week.

4. Trim Your Hair

Trimming your hair ensures that there are no split ends. Also, trimming makes it easier to manage your hair. Don't worry about the length. Your hair grows faster in summer because most strands are in the anagen phase or growth phase during this time.

5. Deep-Conditioning Treatment

Conditioning helps add a layer of protection to your hair cuticle, which is usually prone to damage by environmental aggressors. In summers, you might want to consider deep conditioning treatments for extra moisture. There are a variety of such treatments available in the market. They have higher conditioning capacity and longer leave-on times. Try them on!

6. Hydrate Yourself

You may be doing everything right for your hair. But skipping hydration can hamper the results. Drink lots of water and cooling fluids in summer to provide hydration to your hair strands. This is a tip that you just can't ignore.

7. Tie Up Your Hair

Tie your hair up to not only limit the exposure to sun, but also to avoid sweating. Sweaty hair is no fun! You can try hairstyles ranging from updos to braids, ponytails, buns or twists. These hairstyles ensure that your hair is free of split ends.

8. Avoid Heat Tools

Minimize the use of heat styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners and curlers. The heat can add up to the existing summer heat and damage your hair. Try and go with more natural hairstyles in summers.

9. Follow Swimming Hair Care

If you are a swimmer, chlorinated water can mess up with your hair health. Turn to shampoos and conditioners made specifically for swimmers, which minimize the effect of chlorine on your hair.

10. Oil Massage

Massaging with oils like coconut oil, olive oil or sweet almond oil can increase blood circulation in the scalp and moisturize your hair. You could add in a few drops of essential oil like lavender oil.

11. Color Care

Heat can impact colored hair in a big way. Make sure you avoid coloring your hair in the summers. If you still feel the need, try organic ingredients in your color treatments. Always use hair care products suited for colored hair so that the hair stays healthy.

Wrapping Up

We hope you recognize how important it is to take extra care of your hair during the summers. It is all about finding the right balance between washing and conditioning, using protective gear like hats and scarfs and hydrating to avoid drying out.

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