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“You need your vitamins” is something we’ve all heard at least once in our life. Ever pondered on the reason behind it? Well, vitamins play a major role in shaping our health. And this includes the skin.

There are 13 different types of vitamins, each having its own benefits. While some keep your nerves healthy, some fight infections and others rejuvenate your skin. In this article, we will tell you which of those vitamins are game changers for your skin.

1. Vitamin C

Be it beauty products or your home-made face masks, Vitamin C is popularly used to treat various skin issues like acne, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and fine lines. It is naturally found in the epidermis (topmost layer of your skin). Even the inner layers of the skin contain this ingredient.

How does Vitamin C benefit your skin?

Vitamin C enhances collagen production in the skin. Collagen is a protein fibre that gives your skin strength and keeps it firm. As you age, the production of collagen reduces naturally. Years of sun exposure can also break down this protein in your skin.

Topically applied Vitamin C can increase the production of this protein, reducing the appearance of fine lines (1). It also lightens pigmentation spots and reduces tan by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase, which is responsible for the production of melanin (skin pigment).

Vitamin C consumed orally may enhance the efficacy of your sunscreen. It speeds up the body’s healing process by reducing cell damage.

Foods that contain Vitamin C

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons

Broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts and capsicum

Other Vitamin-C rich fruits like papaya and strawberries

Foods that contain Vitamin C

2. Vitamin A

Vitamin A is popularly used in a number of skincare products because of its antioxidant properties. Your serums, sunscreens and moisturizers likely contain this magic ingredient.

How does Vitamin A benefit your skin?

Retinoids are a form of Vitamin A that are widely used in anti-acne topical and oral medicines. They have anti-inflammatory properties that help improve acne symptoms (2).

Vitamin A is also good to reduce the appearance of signs of aging by interrupting the process of collagen damage. It prevents sun damage and can also prevent sunburn.

Foods that contain Vitamin A

Cod liver oil



Orange/yellow vegetables and fruits

Fortified skimmed milk

Green vegetables

Foods that contain Vitamin A

3. Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that serves a number of purposes to maintain healthy skin.

How does Vitamin E benefit your skin?

Vitamin E reduces sun damage by absorbing the UV rays of the sun when applied topically. It also keeps the skin conditioned. Your body produces Vitamin E naturally, through an oil called sebum that is vital to maintain good skin health.

Vitamin E keeps the skin moisturized and prevents it from feeling irritated. It is recommended to consume foods containing Vitamin E for better efficacy.

Foods that contain Vitamin E

Vegetable oils

Nuts and seeds

Green vegetables

Certain cereals and juices

Foods that contain Vitamin E

4. Vitamin D

There is an ongoing debate about whether or not applying sunscreen everyday can cause Vitamin D deficiency. Your body produces the most Vitamin D when sun rays penetrate through your skin. However, deficiency is not as serious as the harm UV rays can cause to your skin.

10 minutes of sun exposure early in the morning is enough to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. Stay away from the sun during its peak hours (10 am to 2 pm).

Vitamin D can also be taken through certain foods and supplements. It creates healthy cells in the body.

Foods that contain Vitamin D


Fatty fish

Certain dairy products

Dairy products

Soy products


Foods that contain Vitamin D

5. Vitamin K

Vitamin K plays a major role in treating a host of skin conditions and issues. The University of Florida suggests that Vitamin K deficiency is rare as it can be found in a variety of foods.

How does Vitamin K benefit your skin?

Some of the major benefits include fading of stretch marks, scars, dark spots, under eye circles and spider veins. Vitamin K also aids in the body’s healing process and is effective in treating wounds and bruises (3). Dermatologists may recommend topical creams containing this Vitamin to reduce skin issues or swelling and bruising.

Foods that contain Vitamin K

Green vegetables like kale, spinach, lettuce and romaine






Foods that contain Vitamin K

6. Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is a magic ingredient in the dermatological world. Vitamin B3 (niacin) is not stored in your body naturally. Consuming it through your diet or applying it topically is essential to maintain good skin health.

How does Vitamin B3 benefit your body?

This ingredient is a powerhouse in itself. Vitamin B3 in its niacinamide form helps the skin restore its moisture content, improving texture and smoothness. It contributes to glowing, healthy skin in many ways. Studies suggest that topical forms of Vitamin B3 can help reduce the appearance of signs of aging (4).

Vitamin B3 has also proved to be effective in reducing non-inflammatory acne symptoms (5).

When applied topically, it can improve skin barrier functions by repairing your skin’s protective layer and locking-in moisture. This allows your skin to stay hydrated, soft and supple (6).

Niacinamide is also a free radical scavenger, preventing these molecules from creating havoc and damaging your skin.

Foods that contain Vitamin B3





7. Vitamin B5

Also known as pantothenic acid, Vitamin B5 contributes to healthy, firm-looking skin.

How does Vitamin B5 benefit your body?

Another vitamin with moisture-retaining capacities, Vitamin B5 improves skin barrier functions and prevents moisture loss (7). This keeps your skin hydrated, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Foods that contain Vitamin B5

Whole grains



Begin By Knowing Your Skin

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