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We all are aware of the dangers of the sun, and still avoid using sunscreen, which is more harmful than we know! As good as the sun feels on our skin, it is even more harmful without any sunscreen on.

It’s not the question of not getting tanned or sunburn, it is about protecting our skin from damage. And, the funny part is, we know exactly what are the cons of direct exposure to sunlight, and still forget to put it on!

Did you know, your skin can be exposed to damage even when you're sitting in front of a computer?

Exposure to pollution, dirt, debris and other factors on a daily basis can cause long lasting and unwanted damage.

Sunscreen That Suits Every Skin Type

Just how our fingerprints are unique, so are our skin types. If you want to know what your skin type is and how to take care of it, take this free Skin ID test. This will give you an idea about how your skin can be taken care of.

Being aware of your skin type is paramount and it gives you clarity of how it should be taken care of. These are the common skin types and the types of sunscreen that can be used daily, for protection.

Sunscreen For Normal Skin

If you're blessed with normal skin, then you could use almost any type of sunscreen, but make sure it has SPF of 30 or 50. Make sure to pick the one that's water repellent (if you're outdoors for a long time).

Sunscreen For Dry Skin

Mineral and chemical based sunscreens usually work well on dry skin. Look for a sunscreen which not only hydrates the skin but is also lotion or cream-based. These oily ingredients will moisturise the dry areas of the skin and nourish you.

Sunscreen For Oily Skin

 Formulation is key while picking out a sunscreen for oily skin. For daily use it is best to pick one which is fluid like in texture and won’t be greasy when it is applied on the face.

Sunscreen For Combination Skin:

Choose a sunscreen which is feather light with a matte finish that you can apply all over your face and has at least an SPF of 30.

Still not sure about what fits your skin? You can always find your skin type with SkinKraft's free skin analysis test and understand your skin better.

Just make sure that you test out the sunscreen before you put it on your precious face.

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Add in your own ideas, suggest topics and don't forget to take care of your skin.

Stay cute!

Begin By Knowing Your Skin