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The chilly weather almost always makes your hair frizzy and dry, right? If winter is bringing your hair care game down, we've got you covered.

Low temperatures and cold winds can affect your hair in multiple ways. Solution? Tweaking your hair care routine to suit the changing temperatures. Read on to find out what you should do.

How To Take Care Of Hair In Winter?

1. Cover Your Head With A Hat Or A Scarf

Pull out your scarfs and hats to cover your hair this winter. Use a silk or satin scarf to cover your hair first and layer it with cotton or woolen fabrics to protect your hair from the cold air.

Covering your hair in cotton or woolen fabrics can cause friction and lead to split ends and breakage, hence silk or satin is your best bet.

2. Shampoo Less

Excessive shampooing is the reason behind dry and flaky scalp in winter. The ingredients in shampoos strip off the natural oils on your scalp making the hair dry. The chemicals can also irritate your skin, causing itchiness.

Shampoo less often and use gentle formulas. Steer clear of drying ingredients in your shampoos like alcohols, dyes, fragrances and sulfates.

3. Fight The Flakes

You may notice white or yellowish flakes on your scalp that may fall off on your shoulders this season. This is dandruff and a common complaint in winter months. Dandruff can be caused due to a fungal infection or dry scalp in the winter.

Consider using an anti-dandruff shampoo containing active ingredients like salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, ketoconazole, selenium sulfide or coal tar.

4. Deep Condition To Control Frizz

The dry air during winter can remove the moisture in your hair and open up the hair cuticle. What follows is frizzy hair that is rough, dry and unmanageable.

5. Avoid Heat Styling Products

The heat from heat styling tools like straighteners, blow dryers and curlers can break your hair and cause split ends.

Limit your exposure to these tools and use a heat protectant serum if you must style. Give your hair a break from heat styling and opt for cool hairstyles like braids, buns, updos and twists in winter months.

6. Use Oil Or Serum

Winters can suck out the moisture from your hair. Use a serum or oil overnight to see hydrated strands the next morning. Make sure you sleep on a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid breakage of hair.

You can choose hydrating ingredients like aloe vera, green tea and shea butter in your serums and oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil and almond oil for your hot oil massages. Massage your hair 1-2 times a week with the above mentioned carrier oils to improve blood circulation and promote healthy hair.

7. A Good Hair Care Routine

Invest time, effort and a few bucks in your hair care routine. People who have beautiful hair have followed some hair care routine religiously to reap the benefits.

Consider shampoos and conditioners suited to your hair type and those with gentler formulas. Wash and condition your hair regularly. Use serums, hot oil massages and hair masks to add a punch of hydration to your hair in winters.

8. Take Warm Water Showers

A hot water shower may seem therapeutic, but can have a detrimental effect on your hair. Hot water can remove the natural oils from your hair making it dry.

Lukewarm water is what you should consider for a relaxing shower in any season.

9. Drink Plenty Of Water

One of the essential components of your hair strands is water. To replenish the lost water content in winter months, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated.

Yes, you heard it right. You need to drink an adequate amount of water in winter too to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. Hydration ensures that you provide water to your hair from root to the tips. Dryness, itchiness and dandruff are all taken care of once the hair and scalp is hydrated.

How Often Should You Wash Hair In Winter?

It is recommended that you wash your hair every 1-2 days if you have an oily scalp and every 3-4 days if you have dry hair. In winter, reduce the number of hair washes to avoid eradication of natural oils from your hair.

Wrapping Up

Winter is that time of the year that zaps out moisture from your hair. We hope that with all the above winter hair care tips, you are able to flaunt soft, shiny and healthy hair. If you have other winter hair woes, do write to us in the comments below.

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